Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Every cloud has a silver lining

It is easy to become detached amidst the injustice, anger and more anger- a boiling rage. Despair could take the place of patriotism. I mean, don’t we have a reason to be angry towards government leaders that are more concern about their selfish ambition than building the Nation? But what happens when the blame game and protests seems no longer effective in addressing the issues and challenges facing us? How can we press on and not to loose hope?

“Today the shadow of doubt has been cast on the future of our nation but be rest assured that we deserve to have our pride restored if only you and I decide to actively participate in this process. The solution to our problems lies in you and I. Patriotism, Activism and concern for Nigeria is not a favor, it is a duty we owe our motherland. Let us hold on to the hope that has brought us this far, we have what it takes to make a change.” Rosanwo Babatunde, Global African Dialogue GADO, Ukraine/Nigeria.

“We live in such as interesting time. Interesting for us as a people, a Nation and even as individual. We have been failed not only by our leaders, but also by one of US – who have put a stigma on not just the Nation but also on we Youngsters. However I believe that this lays the onus on us – as Young people to correct the wrongs – come together and rebuild Nigeria. It is time to re-write the history of our Nation – a New History of like Nelson Mandela wrote in our Neighboring South Africa, and like Obama wrote in the far United State of America. Remember, there is hope for a tree, when it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and its shoots will not fail. Though its roots grow old in the ground, and its stump dies in the dry soil, at the scent of water it will flourish, and put forth sprigs like a plant.” Dayo Israel, Africa Diaspora Youth Forum.

“Many not-too good things has happen and many have lost faith in Nigeria, but we must not, because the country' hope rest on us to do better. As a child, I had dreams and aspirations in spite of growing up in a middle-class family with various challenges and now I can say that I have overcome some of them. You too can achieve greater things only when you believe in God and in yourself. So continue to believe in yourself, in God and in Nigeria.” Esther Agbarakwe, Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition.

Every cloud has a silver lining and the same is true of the current situation in Nigeria. It comes with an opportunity to stretch our hope and tenacity. Nigeria would flourish again, but we must choose to water it with our skills, talent, passion and gift. Let us rise and build.

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