“It is a myth that in order to be a change-maker, one has to give up a part of one’s life. We ask youth to imagine using their passion as a way to affect change. We ask youth to live their passions in a way that makes a positive impact in the world.” Jess Rimington, Founder, One World Youth Project

Chioma Chukwuneta is a young Accountant and an active volunteer with Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition (NYCC).

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Joy Ekeledo is a student of The Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ). She contributes to Dis Generation column in the Nation newspaper. Here first article was published in April 2011. Click here to read it "SMALL STEPS."

Onyi Uchegbulam discovers and manages talents; career counsels and consults in beauty and style management. Her professional career experience is in Human Resources Management. She is a Behavioural Assessor, a skill much needed to make an excellent selection judgement/career fit. You can follow her works on her Blog: