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Development programs promote complex reforms and change processes. Such processes are often characterized by insecurity and unpredictability, posing a big challenge to the evaluation of development projects. Development Diaries was strategically designed to pioneer objective analysis of social development trends; showcase change-makers and understand which projects work, why, under which conditions in Africa. On the other hand, it gives insights, share best practises and offers its viewers a unique approach to a wide spectrum of topics and social issues.

This is a one-stop resource on the African third sector. This online portal, spotlights on development activities; non-profit industry and government projects, interventions from corporate bodies and international development partners vis-à-vis the achieved impacts.

Development Diaries™ creates a platform that employs the grassroots from different backgrounds to comment, share information and confirm the authenticity of development interventions in their neighbourhood; hence, establishing a dynamic structure for inter-cutting voice and accountability process with reference to the grassroots involvement in the activities of development stakeholders.


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Gain: My Participation in AIDS 2012 Conference

By Gabriel Adeyemo: 
My United Nations Pledge 2011-2012: "To lend my wit and my strength to the AIDS Response guiding global youth towards one goal: Zero HIV: Zero AIDS Related Deaths, Zero New Infections, Zero Stigma"

International AIDS Conference took completely another dimension for me this time in 2012. My simple definition was to attend, make new partnership, form alliances with international recognized organization, advocate for my interest in the field, make formal presentations, etc.

The tussle began when I was refused scholarship to attend and I need to pay a sum of $690 for my conference registration if I must attend AIDS 2012. I paid this sum and secured my attendance.

Youth Pre-conference often prelude all/most International AIDS Conferences and I had the privilege of meeting all my long-lost friends that we had met since Vienna @ the AIDS 2010. I attended all HIV/AIDS prevention sessions and upcoming PrEP/prevention technologies at the youth pre-conf. No sooner did I realize that, young people are not on same page towards advocating for New Biomedical Prevention Technologies (NPT) in HIV/AIDS, simply because whilst others believed in it potency to save more lives in the future, another thought PrEP/Microbicide will increase promiscuity/more risky sexual behaviors among young populations including MSMs and Sex Workers. Likewise the issues of medical male circumcision as preventing HIV/AIDS.

There are just so many (+)&(-) views/perception of young scientist towards prevention technologies...

The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) organized my first panel presentation and also supported me to attend the AIDS 2012 conference. It was titled: Research for New HIV/AIDS Prevention Technologies – Community Perspective. I spoke alongside great panelists and from a position of an African Youth, & specifically one from a country with a heavy HIV burden but no NPT clinical trials currently.

My considerations were based on; 
- Youths are vulnerable to HIV, but for many reasons related to this vulnerability, we often cannot take advantage of existing prevention methods.

- The at-risk populations needs NPT that are easy to use, easily controlled, and that don’t inhibit pleasure, while focusing young girls, street and other very poor young people, young MSMs and sex workers.

- Concerns about protecting youth from exploitation by medical researchers are real, but there must be ethical trials for youths so that we have access to the NPTs as soon as they are developed.

The Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) and other prevention partners organized my second speaking session titled:Is the Scientific and Programming Community Ignoring Condoms? The Visible Yet Invisible Method that is proven to prevent the transmission of HIV. I share my involvement on Condom Programming projects here in Nigeria with UNFPA supports, the barriers I see in the field as regards male and female condoms.

- Why we need to rethink our advocacy strategies to suite all populations of young people involved, the key policy and financial barriers facing female and male condoms and the tactics/evidence needed to overcome them.

I also gave some recommendation to making promotion and use of both condoms more effective, particularly within the context of emerging prevention and treatment strategies.

My whole perception towards IAC changed this time, as it was not all about attending many/irrelevant session to my field, but to being more effective in the little I could do.

Aside basic meetings and speaking role I was engaged with at the conference, some other plenary speakers blew my mind with positive thoughts and willingness to continue the HIV/AIDS advocacy.

- Annah Sango from Zimbabwe spoke with much energy and strength at the opening ceremony of the conference as a young & positive lady/advocate. She restores courage and hope in most young people that our advocacy should continue.

- Prof. Anthony S. Fauci – Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) spoke with much enthusiasm and restoration of hope towards the search for a cure, which is also one of the major themes of the AIDS 2012. Delegates heard about what scientists meant by a cure; how a cure can be achieved and about the difficulties and challenges that lies ahead.

- Hilary Clinton – US Secretary of State also inspire delegates with different funding mechanisms that the US government has set in place to help resource constraints nations to fight HIV/AIDS and develop prevention programs with key HIV Projects.

- Phill Wilson – The President and CEO of the Black AIDS Institute was also not left out. He spoke with so much inspiration and affections about the love he had enjoyed as a black gay man living with HIV. Mentioning issues of stigma and discrimination as related to HIV with examples makes his presentation more captivating.

Many other speakers were of great benefits with time to network and interact with the mighty in the field of public health.

Many thanks to GYCA and IAVI for making it possible to attend the AIDS2012.

About the author 
Gabriel, ADEYEMO is the Regional Focal Point - West Africa
Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AID (GYCA), a program of the Public Health Institute. You can connect with him online: TIGblogs: |

Saturday, August 18, 2012

To African youths! YALDA 2012 Conference Opportunity in Lagos

We are pleased to announce we have opened the second round of applications for the 4th Biennial conference for Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa ( 

The conference will hold from the 4th to 7th October at the Lagos Business School, Lekki-Ajah Campus in Lagos, Nigeria. This year's conference is completely unique as you will get a once in a lifetime chance to generate or refine your own development or business ideas for Africa in the presence of industry experts!!! 

You can visit our website for more information at and to apply please visit !!!! Space is limited!!!! Second round deadline is the 7th September, 2012!!!

This year's conference will also be in partnership with Lagos Business School (, LEAP Africa ( and (

Please forward this link to all your friends, members and groups who would benefit from this conference!!!

We look forward to seeing YOU in Nigeria this October!

Mr. Raymond C. Maro
YALDA International Publicity Chair

Facebook: YALDA International

Brief Conference Overview: Africa has recently established itself as the new global investment hub and is experiencing unprecedented growth rates that will continue for years to come. With more young people in its population than any other continent, Africa’s inability to effectively incorporate the economic participation of its youth poses immense social challenges. There has been wide recognition that encouraging entrepreneurship and a culture of self-sustenance amongst African youth is the strongest weapon in the battle against rising youth unemployment rates. 

At YALDA we also believe in harnessing the potential of Africa’s youth. All over Africa young minds are brimming with solutions to the continent’s most pressing issues, and it is essential to give these youth the avenues and resources to successfully bring these ideas to fruition in their respective countries and communities.We are excited to have you at this year’s YALDA conference to not only gain an understanding of the opportunities in Africa, but to empower you to lead visible and ground-breaking change on the continent. This will be done through an entirely new and more interactive format consisting of five techniques: providing a platform for idea generation, idea refining and planning workshops, industry specific idea presentations to expert panels, resources exhibition, and networking sessions.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nigerian Youths: Our will, Our Way by Ashogbon Adenike

We are young, hale and hearty. We are youths, the future leaders of tomorrow.  We can question people in authority if found wanting, we are meant to be role models to the younger generation. 

But of what use are we, if our impact is not positively felt in our mother-land?

What makes a youth stand out in a corrupt society, where even unborn children have contracted the ‘get rich quick syndrome’ in their mothers’ wombs? Rather than getting focused at first?
Or does corruption run in the blood? 

We grumble over self imposed problems. We have reversed the adages of old in the name of civilisation.
Everyone dreams of a better Nigeria. We wish for a heavenly Nigeria, free of pain, chaos, war and poverty, but, are we working towards implementing this change?
Year in, year out, the International Youth Day is celebrated with the stereotype manner of approaching issues. We talk and talk yet Actions take time to come.
This year's team is Building a better World: Partnering with youth according to the UN-International Youth Day#IYD. Which inversely means that youths worldwide are ben celebrated, acknowledge as not just the Leaders of the country but the bedrock on which a country development is rooted.
Our responsibilities and obligations can not be over looked in our community, religious society, family among peers and in the Nation at large but of what use is this Trust when we seem unreliable and not up to the task and expectation of many?
What are we waiting for? Are we thinking of something? Does that idea seem vague and not realy clear? Does it sound witty or foolish to you? Have you discussed it with anyone of likemindyou could know or envision its visibility?
Of what use is a vision when not carried out and nurtured just within oneself and at the end of the day goes into thin air? Of what use is the Human brain after undergoing education, experience and no form of practise or specialisation betterstill putting things into ACTION? Its as good as USELESS.
you could do something. Don't seat over the fence wallowing in pain, grumbling, complaining and sobbing over the malpractise of the country, the government, your community Leader, Heads of family and your relatives who are supposed to be of help to you. When they see you doing or attempting to do a jaw breaking project, they sure wil show concern.
All they need to see is the passion and drive in you.
Never let us forget that, the potholed progress of development is worrying in this part of the world.
People are lost to HIV/AIDS and other pandemics on a daily basis. Many are suffering, yet smiling.
Many have died. More will still die, some are dying and for we still alive let's let our been alive worthwhile rather than sitting at the corners of our rooms complaining. Do we leave everything to the government?
As youths, we have to collaborate with stakeholders and develop proposals for the achievement of the Sustainable development Goals to come.
Even as I sit to wonder the present situation of d country I tend to also concur with a colleague that says social entrepreneurs alone cannot change the world. They need artists, volunteers, development directors, communications specialists, donors, and advocates across all sectors to turn their groundbreaking ideas into reality. They need fundraisers, supporters who can change policies, someone to create a brochure describing their work. If everyone wants to start a new organization, who is going to do all the work?
Let's not forget that we need more people in the Business world...lots of Business Ideas yet to be explored...most people like doing what others are doing, have done or intend to do...tilting their prospects in a steroetypic manner with the same of the same approach.
I feel writers have more grounds to break...lots of things and Innovation comes up everyday...not so many want to get involve because they think of the profit they want to make first and not the Pace they intend to Set.
I can confidently say this over and over again 'Journalism is not only a noble profession, it is a necessary profession' you don't need to be a gig to do it adequately...all you need to do is to be Spontaneous.
You are angry about the situation of things in Nigeria, what are you doing about it?
Permit me to say confidentally after this long note that...Yes we Can, Yes We Have and sure as Owolabi Tobi Isaiah of HACEY Health Initiative would say...'Yes we have Done IT' let's make the best out of every second. No Time to Waste Time. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY

About Author: Ashogbon Adenike is a young journalist based in Nigeria. She champions ZeroCarbonAfrica.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Youth-Adult Partnership for Development @un4youth #IYD2012

What are you doing to celebrate IYD 2012 (August 12)? The theme for this year's International Youth Day is "building a better world, partnering with youth."

I think this is an apt theme for promoting collaboration for development.

Hopefully, this forum will open more doors for shared-learning, shared-resources etc. and reduce duplication of efforts and unhealthy competition among change-makers.

Click here to learn how you can participate in some of or all of UN DESA's activities to mark IYD. It'll hopefully spark up a few ideas for your local action. Don't forget to partner with others!!
You can follow the Google+Hangouts here and contribute your questions to the panellists via Twitter – @un4youth #IYD2012 
Political Inclusion
8 August
11:00, EST
8 August
14:00, EST
9 August
11:00, EST
9 August
14:00, EST
10 August
11:00, EST
Education on Sexual and Reproductive health
10 August
14:00, EST

Monday, August 06, 2012

Hello Mr. water pass garri (spoken words)

Hello mr water pass garri, 
Why do you sit there looking at me as if I’m heaven?
I know, the problems you carry
are heavy, I mean really heavy.

You have been in that position for the past 52 years-
Squatting over one hand of garri in a one liter bowl filled with 75cl of water.
Counting them in days, that will be 18,980 days plus extra for the leap years.
Your brothers across the border
Are worried about you.

Look around you Mr water pass garri,
No, not in the direction of those beautiful maidens!
Look around at the virgin land behind your backyard.
Do you doubt it is fertile?

But how can you tell
When you have never ploughed and planted?
Can there be a harvest if you do not sow a seed?
18,993 days is gone man, and that one hand of garri in a one liter bowl filled with 75cl of water is not rising!

It is time for you to rise and try something new-
Like farming for more cassava to have abundance of garri
That you so much crave for.
And have enough for the babies unborn
You will not have to worry.

Tighten your sandals to your feet, for your road will be rough.
No man is heaven- so keep your eyes on almighty God at all times.
I would have wished you good luck
But I hear the luck changes after a new pair of designer shoes.
But pick up and keep going
We are at the top waiting for you!

(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Leapfrogging to development: Roadmap to 2020

Leadership is about taking responsibility. Function well in your field and you won’t need to struggle.

Leadership is no thinking about yourself alone. Build your skills, build others by giving them responsibilities.

A good leader has an idea of where he is going- leaders are visionary.

“Some Nigerian leaders are not in touch with their grassroots because they believe the people did not vote them in”

Values We need a paradigm shift on how we see people, process and policy. Recognise the importance of everyone and value him or her.

A leader who is always solving problem is not a leader. Build a team spirit. (Empower others to solve problems).

Your values must be incorruptible.

Character = Integrity
The 3 Cs of values- Conscience, Courage, Commitment.

Materialism- judging people by the size of their wallet. The end does not always justify the means.

Never underestimate the power of self-denial, self-actualisation and self-determination.

Our lifestyle should go beyond materialism. Learn to create relationship that impact good values.

Freedom gives you the ability to live.

Values become your guiding principles. This makes it possible to add value to other people's lives.

Success leaves track. Success breeds success!

Symptoms of change:
1. Move from comfort zone

2. Moment of trauma

3. On your way to change

How to recognise talent:
- burning with passion

- hungry for change

Don’t look for a finished product.

Train yourself. Don’t wait for your teachers to add value to your life. Explore the Internet, explore the library! Equip yourself with the right tools to move you forward to the next level.

Everything about you should project excellence and display an aura of worth.

Develop a humble lifestyle and have good role models or mentors who are reachable.

(Notes from 2008 lecture)

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bootstrapping: Entrepreneurship from a youth perspective

Make excellence a habit. Excellence is an international currency of the 21st century. When you set out into a world of being successful, you change your values and attitude.

Entrepreneurship is hard work.

Strive for Excellence - no room for error. Draw strength from yourself because it will get very lonely.

Communication - learn how to talk and be listened to. You need to learn to talk properly so that people can listen to you when you talk. If you want to effect change, you need to learn to be an orator. Speak with passion.

Exercise: Write 10 most important value in your life. Point out one most important one that is indispensable. Let these values guide you.

Learn to listen to yourself. When you consult, meet people with similar experience.

Feed yourself with news. Something that will keep you ahead.

Perception- the meaning you give to an issue.

Communication goes beyond talking. It includes your dressing, body language etc.

NO- Don't cry over people's no. As an entrepreneur, learn to convert these no to a YES by:
  • Changing their mental pattern and resistance.
  • Ask them questions that will make them say yes
  • Break down their resistance by being interested in them
Learn to impact and persuade people.

Side Note: Successful people think on pen and paper.

Relationship: Your ability to create and maintain relationship and your ability to think outside the box are two things you must never let go. Learn the power to network upward and downward and spread.

Service: Look for what people need and create it. BE READY TO SERVE.

(Notes from 2008 lecture).