Sunday, June 12, 2011

What is your passion?

“How can I find my passion?” This is a question many young people often ask me. Finding one’s passion often times appear daunting or very difficult to figure out, especially in cases where people think having a passion should automatically translate into monetary gain. Peer pressure or companionship that erodes originality also makes the course flaky. 
In reality, it is not difficult to find one’s passion- especially since it was never lost in the first place.  To turn your passion to action, you need to first reflect and identify on what that passion is. A passion is something that arouses excitement. Everyone have sometime they are excited about, something that gets them out of bed in the morning or something they feel naturally drawn to do.  
Some questions that can help you include: What am I excited about? What gets me out of bed? What stirs my interest? What is my talent?
The reason why passion seems so evasive is because not everyone takes time to explore, concentrate and develop this passion- it could be a talent or skill we need to hone. It could be something we are naturally excellent at doing, but which needs the right platform of expression.
Our passion is never out of reach or beyond what we are capable of doing. What matter’s most is our willingness to commit to maximizing that potential. But passion is not an end in itself. What happens if your passion is different from your profession? For example, you could be passionate about football or sports but studying to become a Medical doctor. You could be passionate about fashion design but studying to become an Aeronautic Engineer.  Or passionate about facial make-up but professionally inclined towards Banking and Finance. What do you do?
In such a situation where your passion conflicts with your profession, it is crucial never to be discouraged. The conflict could help develop your skill on how to harmonize. Where it proves extremely difficult to harmonize your passion with profession, you can pursue the one that brings you more fulfilment and a sense of completeness, without turning you into a pauper. Having to give up football or music for a profession in the Banking Sector does not invalidate your passion for football or vice versa.
Sometimes, your profession can be your passion! If you are passionate about music, write lyrics that will inspire, offer hope or impact. But do not stop there. Get the words out. Turn the lyrics into songs- if you cannot sing, locate an artist who can. As a passionate designer, create innovative designs that make people look better, feel good about themselves and boost their self-confidence. 

So, what is you passion?

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