Sunday, February 13, 2011

SWEETER THAN SEX 2011 (Valentine’s event for teenagers)

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What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Are you young and daring? Would you like to try something different this year? Then you have to be at “Sweeter than Sex”, a FREE peer-mentoring event organized for teenagers. February 14th, 9am- for more info on how to participate individually or as a group/school, call Precious-Promise on 08028454348. Come learn something new about the sexual orientation of this generation and why abstinence remains key for teenagers.

READER’S RESPONSE (to previous articles):
I read your article on the Nation newspaper about this generation and I want to ask this question: what do you do for this generation? It seems many youths don’t read newspapers. Young people nowadays find it difficult to read…what other ways do you intend reaching out to people apart from newspaper? Currently we work with artists like Mr Seth, men of intelligence, Ice Prince etc. We advice people to read articles like yours that will help them. We will like to say well done; the sky is your starting point not your limit. If you have seminars, don’t hesitate to invite us. Jermaine, Council of Hip-Hop Kulture, Jos.
Two hotels in Kabusa village Abuja FCT- Happy Night club and Lady sunshine are being used for prostitution and selling of cocaine. Joseph A.
Those making write ups on sectional cum ethnoreligious line should stop the callousness and concentrate on getting transparent and progressive government. consider the insecurity, epileptic electricity, accidents, looting of of national resources etc. while the masses suffer. Think about this honestly.
I love the spirit behind your article advocating of virginity. Abstinence is my watchword and on your political party ground I will ever stand. Otache Monday, Jos.
From what we’ve seen, we don’t have a credible leader yet. I mean, what is Jonathan doing? He’s busy contesting for election while things are going wrong with the election process. Else, why will he just pass comments instead of act on this difficulty of the registration process? First, students have to be stopped from going to school because there were no umbrella canopies or shift tent for the election registration centres, despite the huge budget allocated to Jega. Then we have stolen machines and the available ones are quack. Instead of voter’s card we are being given voter’s paper and to make matters worse, people have to laminate the paper because the laminating materials were exhausted! Christiana Catherine, Lagos.

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