Friday, August 25, 2006

On Youth and Volunteerism

I have spent the past 1 year doing lots of Volunteering work, both locally and internationally. I sure did learn a lot... you see, its about time youths all over the world begin to understand the importance of volunteering.
A good volunteering experience + School/Class room Education=? Guess?
  • increases resumes to increase employability
  • relevant skills and contacts with professionals
  • discover new places and cultures
  • learn new things about real world!
  • activate critical thinking and learn skills to deal with real life concerns!

The list is endles!!!

Want to Volunteer? Do Not hesitate to contact me if you need an experienced volunteer's ideas on how to get started. or a youth volunteer trainer! Have a vast knowledge on Youth Volunteerism and Youth Volunteer management and Youth Volunteering resources.

Thanks to practical experience and lots of resources available to learn from (Thanks Theo!).

Success is an acquired taste. Those who learn to enjoy the activities which lead to success and achievement are the ones who attain that success. The best players genuinely enjoy the game. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who truly love their work.

"I am not yet where I want to be... but of course I am not where I use to be!" My latter will be greater! By His Grace... my best is yet to come!

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