Saturday, January 13, 2007

WITHOUT PERMISSION!? Moderator dear...

Post by Sa'adu: Hello every one,
The Commissioner Ministry of Education Adamawa State had issued aletter to all Secondary Schools in the State banning any externalcandidate from registering for WAEC or NECO from this year.The reasons of the Ministry are given below;
1. Result orientation.
2. Financial fraud.
The first reason is taken because of the poor performance of studentin their SSCE results. It's believe that, the external student werenot groom enough when writing the exams and that contribute inbringing poor results in the school they have registered and sat forthe exams. While, the second reason is the problem arising from fewprincipals that were not sincere in giving out accurate number oftheir internal student in the schhol. They add external studentamong the list they are giving to the Ministry as their internalstudent.I believe the Ministry shouldn't have taken such decision because ofthe following reasons;
1. How sure and prepared that the internal student that arepreparing to write their SSCE this year would make it, atleasthaving credits in five subjects they want that fit the course theyare applying in University.
2.What about those that have deficiency the their papers and arealready in University and are needed to resit back.If you read it and have any contribution on the likely consequenciesthe would face, you can reply back. I'm thinking of having a meetingwith some concern youth and write to the commissioner of Educationin the State.
Thank you,Sa'adu.

Replies by O:
Dear Friend,

I agree with you this is not the decision that should taken, Please conduct a meeting of young people in that state and lets have a letter campaign to the commissioner and governor, this is a good time to do something like that when they want the mandate of the people.

But before this we have to identify what the consequences of this decision by the govt of the state can be.

Thanks for sharing this with us and I hope you will take the lead.

reply post by S:
Its so sad when one discovers the level of reasoning of most of thepeople we have as decision makers in our country. How can aCommissioner for Education make such a decision. Is that the solutionto the problem on ground? Will that solve the problems? did he stopto think about the effects of that decision? What is he motive forthat? Is it that they are not making returns to him? One cant stop towonder!!!What then is the fate of such students who need to resit for somepapers? Could it be that he is not concerned because he doesnt havewards involved? These are questions that need answers.This decision will always lead to
1. Increased level of iliteracy and it is coming when the world iscombating Iliteracy.
2. Increased level of crime. THis could come in 2 ways
a. Students will strive to pass as all means at first sitting and thatincludes examination malractice and bribery and corruption
b. When eventually they did not pass and there is no opportunity towrite it again, the turn to some other vices to secure a living forthemselves since education, they think is the security of a future.I think you are on the right track to meet with those involved andprotest this new policy which may ruin the lives of some promisingyouths. Please take the fight serious.I trust other members of the group will send in some effects this willhave because the more the effects, the better our points for areinstatement.

reply by R: Hello,
im so happy that you are taking an action on youth problems in your state and being the active global citizen you are.
itz very sad that the Commisioner Minister of Education Adamawa State should say something like this when he knows very well about the low educational level of the Notherners which we should all be trying to put an end to,I totally agree with you that you should go on and have the meeting and write the Commisoiner about the various views you have received.good luck

reply by T: Hi Everyone,

Our responsibility is not to debate on this but to act and DO something cos we can tlk and talk.... yet if we refuse to act, nothing will happen.

culled from: Re: [youthsmakingchange] Re: Adamawa State external student left behind in writing SSCE this year.

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