Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Not everyday is the same for a Journalist...even a student-Journalist can testify to that.
Monday- Wake up early. Beat the heavy traffic jam and arrive in time. No truancy today...serious business. We even close late, thanks to our Principles of Economics lecturer. Mondays for me begin with laughter. Yep, our first lecturer combine his very serious course with an amazing level of comic dispaly. Ha ha ha.
Tuesday- Oh ho, History class- a two-hour lecture on how newspaper came into existence, in a more organised thought:The evolution of print industry. The beauty about tuesday is that we sometimes have a three-hour lecture free period unlike other days. Today, our History lecturer came to class with a bottle of chilled Maltina, in-between sip he intelligently explain to us how the Missionaries contributed to the establishment of Newspaper in Nigeria. For some reasons, I found me enthusiastically looking forward to "Newswriting class" but of course the history class will have to end first. "Focus girl, one step at a time" I chided myself.
Wednesday- I literarily slog my way through most wednesdays. We take a tough lecture on broadcasting and the rest of the day is scheduled for seminar and sports. Personally, Wednesday is the day I take time to update myself with news from everywhere.
Thursday- Even though my bed is begging for more company and my body is yearning for more rest, I am more determined to make it to school in good spirit today. Aside the interesting English class, enlightening Science class, and mind-building Communication class, fieldwork is what excites me the most. Talk about hands-onskill learning experience. Here we are on our way again, with our midget, Camera, reporter's notebook and of course our uncommon sense to gather news like real professionals on a beat... no compromising to practise Yellow Journalism.
Friday- Vendredi. Dieu merci. Friday is for french class... perhaps in my next entry, this will be written in french. We also religiously attend our not so well-stocked library on fridays too...afterwards, my close mates and me co-host our online radio show.
Saturday- Learn. Think. Tell. That's how we Journalists do it. Do you know there is no "off-duty" for Journalists? Even while clubbing, Shopping or Just being, we still find ourselves nosing for news. Part of our duty is to give voice to the voiceless... we inform,educate, entertain and delight our world.
Sunday- I find my way to my Father's house for worship and also tell Him a few things bugging me. The beauty about going to Church is that it reminds you of the body you belong... once again, our Pastor reminds us to remain a radical oppostion to corruption, in 5 words: "You can win by Righteousness." An accurate tip I need to succeed as a growing Journalist! A new week, a new experience at NIJ tomorrow...God Bless us.

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