Monday, January 14, 2008

Jumping January!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow! Its 2008…New Year, New Dreams, New aspirations and New ideas to help us succeed academically, socially, financially, spiritually and all other “ally” you can think of. January is one of my favorite months because it is like a door to the year! Most people actually make their New Year resolution every January, while at the same time making their big plans for the rest of the year. It is called “Taking responsibility!”. Do you know what one of my New Year Resolution is? It is “Do not to eat any noodles this year”. C’est possible? I made this resolution along with my 5 years old niece on the 30th of December 2007 , over a plate of my then favorite meal: Indomie noodles. My niece also made the same but she changed her mind about it later.
The believe nowadays is that young girls of this generation rely too much on drive-through meals which are very addictive and unhealthy. It has also made us lazy cook, I mean cooking noodles does not require any special skills- open, cook, eat! Anybody can do that. Moreover, health-wise, all these processed food are not really doing good, that is one thing those fancy adverts will not tell us. They keep bringing up all these creative ideas and brands to prompt us to buy! Not me, not any more! Well, I hope I’d be able to resist. What is your own New Year resolution? Whatever it is, I hope it is for the best? For example, my not eating noodles any more will make me more active in cooking healthy meals and really improve my cooking skills.
Moreover, this year, we should all also be aiming towards taking real responsibility of our lives (Not over from God o!), in the sense that we should resist the present fashion of blaming our fathers who married our mothers that gave birth to us. No matter how many mistakes we made last year, we have better opportunities of making up if we really take responsibility for these goofs or flaws. It is easy to become cynical and too hard-hearted for change if we allow past frustration to overwhelm us.
January should be a time of gazing into the mirror darkly and taking note of all those pimples, oh I mean problems, no matter what form they have taken. We can really have a better future by God’s grace if we plan towards it well. Most importantly, Time will not wait for anyone; it is the same time that controls other months, January is more like a door to usher in the other months. Let us be on the alert and not waste our future now.

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