Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You too can Discount Nigeria!

Why do people often insinuate that students are one of the richest group of people in the society, when in actual fact most students suffer acute panic attack while putting one and one together to get an eleven, in a country where inflation is a norm? “Na students dey get money now o” a sales-woman once exclaimed to my chagrin when I tried bargaining/asking for a discount on the basis of being a student.

Since when has students who rely solely on their parents for survival become money-making machines? Well that is what most traders claim especially when they do not want to give a discount! Yes! Getting a good bargain on the premises of being a student use to be so difficult until International Student Identity Card (ISIC) stormed Nigeria!

If you have never heard about ISIC, it is with great pleasure that I announce the introduction of a world-wide recognized student identity card that officially allows students get a guilt-free, embarrassment-free and stress-free discount in Nigeria. Phew! Why did it take us so long to learn about ISIC's existence in Nigeria?

Well, the international student card is a unique identity card that has been in existence with the aim of rescuing us from exorbitant prices of goods! It allows students all over the world enjoy certain benefits both locally and internationally. Doesn't that sound very cool? The card allows students get good discounts on travel tickets, fast-food, stores, boutiques etc. It is a win-win deal for both parties. For instance, a store that recognizes ISIC holders will definitely attract their friends and parents who are not ISIC holders, thus increasing their patronage and loyalty.

Since the card is just gaining ground in Nigeria, do not be surprise if it sounds alien to some people. Thus, there is need for all students (awoof lovers or not) to maximize the opportunity by embracing the culture so as to make the trend more popular. However, some organizations already giving discount in Nigeria includes Virgin Nigeria Airways, British Airways, Emirate Airlines, Bellview Airlines, Silverbird Cinema, City Mall Cinema, Ground Air Travel, Alpha Christian bookshop and many others who are equally committed to make life easy and less expensive for students! Indeed we can now agree that “na students dey enjoy now o!” for more details, visit your nearest student travel center or click on

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