Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about Coffee. I am not a fan of the beverage but somehow, my thoughts have been revolving around this drink. I do not know if it is because my friend made a funny statement about her idea of balance diet being a mug of coffee in both hands. And I wonder, will it be an instant coffee or a home-made one? What is the difference? In an sms reply, my colleague whom I expect to be a coffee-addict said the basic difference between a home-made coffee and an instant-coffee like this: “… homemade one I guess will be richer while the instant is the ‘wuruwuru’ made by coffee machine whatever…” This certainly does sound like someone who does coffee? Dissatisfied, I went on the global library to enrich my knowledge on the subject and founds some real interesting facts!

Instant coffee resulted from many attempts that was made in the past to make coffee making process more palatable and less of a difficult task. Instant coffee refers to beverage derived from a brewed coffee beans but the lowest quality beans are often used for its production unlike the home-made conventional coffee. In spite of this flaw, more people actually prefer going for the instant coffee. I mean, who does not like the easy and faster means? Instant coffee is quicker because it dissolves in hot water instantly. You can regulate its quantity by the amount you put and store up the rest. However, it loses flavor and other essentials from long storage, thus it cannot stand the test of time!

At this point, I must clarify that my thoughts around coffee is not in the literary sense. Most of us these days are almost caught up in this characteristic of instant coffee- our society seems to thrive on the spirit of “instant” and “wuruwuru” these days, thanks to technological innovation and corruption. This is seen in the way people pay their way instead of paying the price of going through the conventional way of getting a life!

Driven by a “now now” attitude, we so much despise the patience of going through a process, and often opt for the easier way or creating one when unavailable… should I give examples? Well, perhaps in the subsequent rejoinder. All the same like the instant coffee, this life style looses its flavor, lack the real qualities and cannot stand the test of time! We revitalize ourselves with all the energy drink and dive into it the race again, the pursuit of short cut. Ironically, excess of energy drinks will probably have the same effect just as instant-coffee does! In life, the coffee bean is the most important ingredient of a quality coffee. Thus, it is important to abide by the simple law of nature and healthy production that requires us to cultivate our coffee in the tedious, worthwhile process- no short cut!

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Betty K said...

Now I know what that question was all about. Instant coffee may just do when you are on the run or @ Mr Biggs on the run chicken. Homemade is cool and rich but unfortunately I am judging by what I see, I don't do coffees, ask me about Tea please... don't forget to add 2sugars to the cuppa.

On the figurative side of it, we all like the good homemade stuff but how can we help it if there's instant one available? No bureaucraZzzzy and at lower price? So sanction the manufacturers! It is difficult to stop instant coffee in a poverty stricken economy. Instant coffee is cheaper to get and is time effective and will govt. care enough about health to put a subsidy on homemade cookies? Abeg jo I don't like coffee so I have changed it to cookies instead..

There are good instant coffees though in terms of technology, infrastructure which on the bad side has made some folks redundant. In the case of coffee it is a lesser quality but in these forms it is just fine, no hassles.

The longest distance between two points is a short cut if you remember those words well, so I concur on this level. Instant certificates (Torontos), money(yahozees) etc without hard work, good grounding, and due process in long the run will not stand the test of time. Okrika is Okrika, Fake is fake, mixing it up will look cool and fool us for a while but in a matter of time old tricks won't work. Ladyjennies what else is on your mind now that we have tabled coffee? Over to you.