Thursday, November 20, 2008


Guest writer: Beatrice Kay

It feels so good, well mornings now feel good especially since Third Mainland Bridge re-opened. I am seated on the bus, heading for the day’s work and enjoying the view of the sunrise over the ocean. I bring out my camera to capture the scene. DJ Manny's Good Morning Nigeria show on Cool FM is playing. I’m also reading a book I intend to use as Book of The Month for my employers’ website. But my mind wanders away as a result of the inspirations I’m getting: from the book, the radio and the view from Third Mainland Bridge. Am I really in Nigeria? It felt like a trip from Cardiff to London, the Peace, the Trees, and then the orderliness; everyone in their own little world, shutting you out with their earphones. Then the bus is gliding on its own special lane. Nigeria? Lagos?

At CMS, a beautiful bay with lights, where you can walk and see the sea is nearing completion; I like the view plus a BRT stops right there so you can park your car and ride to the bay. I remember a week ago at the old Toll Gate BRT’s park and ride bus station; a banker seated next to me brought out his laptop and began browsing the net, thanks to wireless ISPs, I was tempted to bring out my mobile, light weighted official laptop to work as well but I still wasn't convinced. You mean you can now use a laptop in a bus in Lagos without it being snatched at gun-point? The one you don't show they take, how much more the one you flash? You mean all the passengers on the bus have good jobs; there are no robbers or pick pockets on? Glad the bus service has made that difficult.

So here I am, loving the view, the prospects, the ride, the glide, the strides, I am on longest the bridge in Africa. I started from the mainland, am off to the Island which boasts of beautiful sights, buildings, abodes of international standards. In Lagos we have started a journey. Governor Fashola tells me what I see is just the beginning, it will be a Mega City! Yippee! Hopefully we will soon get to the promise land, we won’t complain of the developments, think other things matter more, and hope other pressing matters are looked into by those elected or selected, and we won’t be ungrateful spending many years getting to the Mega city.

Norah Jones’ Sunrise inspired this title, her albums, Come Away with Me and Feels Like Home which won 8Grammys and earned her a place on Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2004 all came singing to me as I wrote. There are possibilities at Sunrise. Yesterday ended last night. In the words of Asa, ‘Ojumo Ti Mo’ and so am I feeling the Sunrise in the new Lagos. Happy Independence Month Nigerian Youths! There’s hope!

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