Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This Yuletide season gives us the special opportunity to appreciate everyone who knowingly or unknowingly impacts our lives positively in every ramification. No man stands so straight, says the Knights of Pythagoras, as when he stoops to help a boy (or girl). I thank God for these men and women who live as positive role models in a corrupt and perverse world. Do you have a list of people whom you will like to appreciate specially too? Aside my brothers, male friends, lecturers/teachers etc., there are special men in my life whose chaste impact has set my success in motion.

One of them is Pastor Tunde Bakare whose radical opposition to corruption and commitment to rebuild the fallen walls of Nigeria serves as an unwavering inspiration to me. His contagious passion for God shaped my faith too. In my quest to make a difference, I stumbled into Temidayo Israel . This young man gave me the first opportunity in his youth group to get my hands dirty and stand up to be counted. Dayo inspired my award-winning poem “I surrender”. Talking about poems, Philip G. Bell played the unique role of giving me a rare opportunity on a global platform to become a published poet at no cost. He simply said to me “Pay it forward”. As if to explain this, God sent my way Tunde Rosanwo who exemplified that paying it forward is as simple as when you share resources or pass useful links to others without glorifying yourself in it.

How many men still consider the least qualified with the chaste intention of helping them up the ladder of success? Well, Mr. Kayode Akintola does. He gave me an opportunity to serve in a big way, which has changed me forever. These men looked beyond my inadequacies and showed me the “how to”, the platform to learn and the opportunity to be productive. Mr. Lekan Otufodunrin is one of the most passionate mentors I can look up to any day, he helped direct my focus! There is also Mr. Victor Akinpelu (my Boss), who keeps giving me task bigger than me (I think). It is a delight to be stretched beyond limit. It expands your worth and world. And the list of these kind hearted and inspiring men goes on…in their dynamic ways, they live their lives so positively that they inspire others to be more.

Thus, can I count my blessings this Christmas without mentioning these faithful men who shape the world by planting trees under whose shade they do not expect to selfishly sit? William Arthur Ward says, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”, so this special note is written with a sense of merry alacrity befitting the season to express my gratitude. I can no other word say but thank you Sir, and thank you Sir. May God bless you all.



hello, how are u doing/ hope fine, i was just searching through blog when i come across Ur blog and i was impress. i say may the lord continue to be with you amen.i hope that we can share idea together. hope to read from you soonest. thanks.


life is all about commitment to what you believe,and for the realization of your dream.am still waiting