Monday, January 19, 2009


Skirt is one of the thoughtful things that have ever happened to the female clan since Eve established the first clothing line in the Garden of Eden. I mean, what other way can us girls, ladies and women express our feminine and sensual nature if not to don our skirts and dresses, which are solely designed for us? But the dawn of this twenty-first century has seen more ladies shirking skirts for trousers, thus leaving me wondering if we are approaching an age where trousers, especially Jeans Trouser, will dominate the feminine clothing while skirt and dress will be plunged into obsolescence.

Jeans has become more popular among female youths throughout the world. Perhaps this is because it is one of the quintessential clothing items that bridges through any barrier created by differences in economic or social status. The young lady living in the Ghetto wears Jeans trouser, so does her rich counterpart who lives in a castle. These Jeans comes in different color and designs- straight cut, flare cut, Bell Bottom, skinny Jeans, Pencil Jeans or low-waist/below-the-waist Jeans (the low-waist/below-the-waist Jeans Palaver is a story for another day!).

My attention was drawn to the popularity of Jeans trouser among female youths by a Bus Conductor who after observing the ladies alighting from his Bus sighed aloud and shouted in exasperation “How will Trouser not become expensive when that is the only thing you girls wear these days. Maybe we (men) should just leave it for you.” There is no question that as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed living in Jeans trouser. I shudder to think that I have unconsciously joined the league of ladies who are obsessed to the clothing item, thus becoming strangers to skirt. For months, I have been donning Jeans exclusively and I have even contemplated totally eliminating skirt from my wardrobe.

It is a fact that a lady who wears a skirt is telling the world she is proud of being a woman but what is a woman looking good in skirt without character? Those of us who prefers Jeans Trouser is by default, we are equally proud of our feminism but skirt limits our ability to express ourselves fully. Unlike Jeans Trouser, Skirts are really tough to get right- in terms of length, shape, fabric etc. to suit one’s frame. Jeans looks so practical and perfect for anyone who does a lot of running around. That is one of the top excuse we have for wearing Trouser- it is the only smart item that allows one easily move around, especially in a city like Lagos where running, jumping and walking is indispensable. However, so that we don’t totally extinct Skirt in this generation, let all the Jeans fans consider having a change of heart about being a stranger to skirt and acquire a new skill of recycling all our Jeans Trouser into Skirt!

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