Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have become philosophical but idealist in my trail of thoughts these days as I ponder how much past experiences is defining the pattern of the present to determine the pace of the future. “Money makes the world go ’round”, says an old cliché, but is it really still applicable in today’s society? An average youth of this generation seems to be driven by a silent desperation to be rich or not to be so rich. While one group is blinded by the quest for material wealth, another is plunge into the rhythm of philanthropy. And there is the in-between group (there has to be), who only seek to stand in the middle of the two parallel line.

Does money still make the world go round? Or has it started failing men, as they unlearn in the middle of a Global Economic Meltdown to move on without it? If not money, then what moves the world? Politics? With an increasing rate of how we have become very diplomatic in addressing critical issues, maybe we are at the boiling point of when indeed Politics play a more active role than money. But Politics and money work hand in hand!

I once read an opinion-article of how a man asked God when the problem of the world began and God replied that it was when man created politics a.k.a government. Thus, Politics that is supposed to be facilitating sustainable principles is contradicting its values. Politics is applied in every facet of our society- both on the high and low level.

So Money or Politics, what makes the world go round? Keeping in mind that if you are poor, nobody will want to associate with you and if your politics is bad, no hope to frolic with the power that be! That is it! Power, the quest for power is the force that perhaps drives these two factors that are key players in our society. And both can be dirty, depending on how you make and keep them.

People actually go out of their way to maim, kill, lie, and manipulate to accumulate more wealth and political status that can increase their power and influence in the society. And with such power, you can make the world move at the snap of your finger?

Maybe not, because money, politics and power all have its limitations. For example, the N50 currency in my wallet right now is totally useless here in Washington, I can’t even go to a Cafeteria to buy a drink with it like I would have done in Nigeria. The modus operandi of our democratic system in Nigeria might cripple another society because the orientation is different. Power is only recognized where it is vested. Thus, all of it is vanity?

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