Thursday, November 26, 2009

Re: Building your leadership capacity- An opportunity.

“Hi Jenny, my Name is Ambassador Auwalu from kano, I saw the Atlas corps Fellows Programme online and pick interest in it, can u please advice me on what to do?” This is an example of some of the feedback I have been receiving about the Atlas Corps Programme since the publication of the above article. While some ask for more information, others ask for a guide on how to apply. Then, there is the category of people who just respond by saying that they have the qualification but no experience in the nonprofit sector. To this last group of people, I’ll simply say, no hassle, your season will come. Meaning, don’t apply if you have no experience and interest in the nonprofit sector. There is no need to use such opportunity as a form of escapism as in the long run, you might look back and say to yourself “What a waste of time!”. For this race is not as easy as its spelling even though the setting is in Washington D.C., Baltimore and Maryland.

Meanwhile, if you are reading this column for the first time, or you missed the article “Building your leadership Capacity- An Opportunity” published November 8th, I will indulge you with the news in a minute. To all those who are avid readers, here is the exciting news- The application deadline has been extended from November 20th to the 3oth. Meaning, you have some additional days to go online and apply for a place as a fellow. And no, this is not a DV lottery. Like I said earlier on, please do not apply to be an Atlas Corps Fellow if you are not interested and committed to the development sector in Nigeria. And even if you are very involved in the non-profit sector, remember to ask yourself, “Why should I apply to be a fellow?” Do not jump at this opportunity because I say it is exciting and rewarding (of course it is!). Make sure your motives are in the right track to avoid any disappointment. And keep in mind that after applying, there are still other stages of screening through all applicants. And I tell you, this process is very thorough- so applying is just the first baby step.

Are you still keen about giving it a try? Go online to and start with the eligibility survey form. If you are confident about the program, go to and apply. To cut the long story short, only apply for the fellowship programme if you: have 3 or more years of relevant experience in the nonprofit/NGO sector, have a degree or its equivalent, speak, read and write fluent English, and most importantly, are committed to returning to Nigeria after the one-year programme!

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