Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How we cope before graduation 2

Doing a brief research on how young people whom I have known for many years are coping academically, I found some really inspiring stories about their experience.

Dayo Israel started advocacy when he was in High School. He recently completed his Masters program in International Relations after his LLB in Law. He shares his experience on how he has combined advocacy activities with studies. “From a tender age my mother was paramount on education. One reason I dont like football today is because my mother never let us watch football, we just read books. To the Glory of God I have had so much fame and stardom for my activism and advocacy but I beleive that the opportunity to have an education have given me the most joy and have influenced my effectiveness in advocacy and other areas of my life so I had to combine both.”

From the an early age Dayo said he defined his purpose to enable him aligh it with his education. “I studied courses that I had interest in and enjoy most. As a result of my passion for development and Good Governance, all my education have been aligned in that area. I did a Diploma in Business and International Economics, then an LLB in Law, a Masters in International Relations and I am about to begin my PhD in Government and Politics. Those are my areas of interest which I have continued to work for over 10years. “

“I remember visiting my Masters Supervisor for my dissertation and this Professor kept saying ‘You know too much about this area’. My Masters Dissertation is on Nigeria’s Foreign Policy in Africa and these are areas I am very passionate about- the hegemonic roles Nigeria played in Rhodesia, Liberia, Congo and other parts of the world. My LLB Dissertation was on International Child Rights Legal Instrument such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which I have worked on with UNICEF for over 10years and even sit on the National Child Right Act Implementation Committee.

The knowledge of education have just empowered my passion. When you study in the area of your passion, it all fall into place and you would find joy doing it.“

Studying in the UK also made it easy because of the standard academic calendar with no barrier of strike like there is in the Nigerian education system. “I know when my Holidays are so I do less travelling during school period, I do more of Europe and UK Midlands during school period and I have a NEVER MISS CLASS policy. It helps a lot because even if you don’t read extensively, you would always remember the lectures.”

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