Sunday, November 07, 2010


“Ratatouille” is a perfect film for a young people, because of its powerful message about following one’s dream. I was enthralled by the scene where the hero, Remy, spoke up about his desire to start creating instead of just being on the rat race like other rats.

Remy, is a gifted young rat that lives in an attic of an elderly woman in France with his brother Emile and father, Django, along with his kinsmen- other rat colony. When Remy’s father discovered Remy’s special ability to smell and taste, he asked him to sniff for rat poison, dimming Remy’s ambition of becoming a renowned chef.

A detailed review on reads: While most of them are fine eating crumbs and digging through the garbage for food, Remy has a pallet designed for must more sophisticated foods. It leads to an interest in cooking, and a love for one specific cookbook that he finds in the kitchen of their "host". The book is called "Anyone Can Cook", written by a famous chef in France by the name of Auguste Gusteau. Remy immediately gains a respect for Gusteau, and takes it to heart that anyone can cook, even a rat that has just recently become interested in the culinary arts. This ends up ruining their stay in the house though, as one day the woman finds him in the kitchen, and through the chase, discovers the entire colony.

While escaping from the house, Remy is separated from his family, and finds himself lost in a sewer that takes him to the underground of Paris. Fighting the fear to emerge on to the streets, he finds himself near the restaurant that his favorite cook actually helped to create. Remy starts imagining that Gusteau is actually speaking with him, and leading him to go to the restaurant…Now he wants nothing more than to be able to cook in this famous kitchen, and when he crosses paths with a new employee named Linguini, who is trying to find a place for himself, the pair could turn Paris on its head by creating mouth-watering dishes that people everywhere could enjoy.

Remy proved that he can be more than just a rat, while Linguini proved that he can be more than just a dishwasher that has to stay in the backroom of the kitchen.

The story has a good message about striving to be more than the role you are given, and it does a good job at presenting a good story about perseverance and how hard work can really pay off in the end.”