Saturday, February 19, 2011

Too many GREEDY people out there! #Scammers

Why will any body just wake up one morning and decide to scam other people? How PATHETIC!  
When next you want to send money to ANY BODY? Please ensure to state clearly that the person should collect the money with a specific ID card, preferably an INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT or a DRIVER’S license. If not, the person might get to the bank or the western union center, only to be told “You have already been paid” :(

Apparently, someone must have gone ahead to pick up the money using a fake ID! Now don’t ask me who that someone is! I have just learned these western union agents have “mole” meaning “insider” who disclose info to people to come cash money transfers that are “vulnerable” i.e. whose sender does not indicate means of IDs. Or it might just be the pretty face Banker who tells you your MTCN number is incorrect, only for you to turn your back and whew! She claims the money! 

Does this not call for some INVESTIGATION? I'll hate to think we can't trust Banks any more! Not to talk of WESTERN UNION!

So I too have experienced the ugly side of Western Union/Technology/Man’s inhumanity to man a.k.a GREED.

In case the thief comes reading my blog someday (you know how they say "it is a small world") I have only one message for YOU and that is: THANK YOU FOR STEALING MY TRASH! 
WILLIAM Shakespeare says it better: “Who steals my purse (OR MONEY), steals trash, but he that filches from me my good name robs me of that which not enriches him and makes me poor indeed.”
Compared to honor, money is mere "trash."

I feel so sorry for ALL pathetic scammers out there! EVERY DAY is for the thief... but one day go be one day! $$$$$

DON’T BE CARELESS people! Too many greedy people out there who wants to reap where they have not sown! Never again!

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Grace Ihejiamaizu said...

This is serious o! I better watch out for all my moneies....thanks Jen