Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rant and Rave!

No doubt, a lot is happening in the blogosphere and other online networks these days. Most young people who have issues take it online- to public portals. Others make their contributions and most times, the issues are “thrashed,” but not until its rippling effect is moved on to other social networks. Like a wide fire, news spread from one forum to the other with little or no efforts from the source. A good example? Well, let us not start on that. But a quick visit to Nairaland, Facebook, Nigerian Village square, Twitter , News portal such as,, and the rest of them will give you an idea…
Some Nigerians moved from being subservient into active commentators. We are in an era where our voice counts. Someone say the campaign “Enough is Enough” played a pivotal role in setting us free from the shackles of timidity in the face of injustice. More than ever before, the anger bottled up over time due to a repressive regime is being “unbottled” and most turn to online platforms, like it were a townhall meeting. Everyone has an opinion about everything.
However, I share the views of Dr. Aliyu Tilde who although also celebrates the fact that we are using our voices and becoming more active in fostering a positive social reform, frowns at how the liberated culture of freedom of expression is making some of us irresponsible. Individuals on public forums post so many unprintable comments. In an attempt to share or express an opinion about an issue, do we have to be so uncontrollably abusive?
Tilde, an avid blogger on said Nigerians abuse their freedom of expression so much by the way they post abusive comments on social networks sites. “There is no other country where you will find such.” I concur. There needs to be a balance in freedom of expression to foster a responsible medium of communication.
In order to avoid falling prey to the urge to rant and rave without decorum on social network sites, let us embrace a culture of leaving comments when needed but as if speaking/giving such feedback in public. In a nutshell, only post comments in public forums as if you were saying it in public, even if you were posting anonymously.
We can learn together. What are better ways to make a point without being so verbally abusive? Hauling insults on personalities, especially public office holders will not bring the positive change we seek. It will only breed more anger and irritation.

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