Sunday, September 04, 2011

More Employees are quitting. Employers must be told why…

When it comes to work, sometimes the discomfort we feel at one level is a sign to move on or change our methods of doing things (innovate). However, the rate at which resignation letters are flying left, right and centre these days is alarming. Okay, looking at familiar situations, more young people are taking up “Entrepreneurship” than full time employment. Those who work are most likely doing it for the “experience,” with a plan to “start up” something too.
In this Era of entrepreneurship, will Employers be striped bare of all employees? What can make employees stick to their job, in good and bad times? What do they really want?
In “Who are the digital natives? And what do they want?” Tim Windsor on “Zero Percent Idle,” while drawing a demarcation between this generation and the older generation effortlessly described how this generation is changing work.
Windsor gave eight characteristics to help understand the dynamics of this tech savvy generation. Among the listed includes, the need for freedom of choice and of expression. No doubt, if you work in an environment where your opinion and ideas are always stifled, with no room to tackle this challenge, the next option is to pick up that pen and write a love letter to your Boss- aka resignation letter.
Corporate integrity and openness are some of the things we often lookout for when deciding where to work. Thus, this explains why sometimes people take so long in settling for an employment. You can’t afford to work anywhere. It is in our nature.
Work environment should be “entertaining.” This generation knows how to work hard and play hard too. Combining the two makes us more productive. This does not mean we necessarily want to play Dbanj’s “Oliver Twist” loud in the office during a board meeting. It simply means we can adopt a 212-degree attitude towards our work without necessarily panting like someone climbing Mount Everest.  “At 211 degrees Fahrenheit water is hot, at 212 degrees it boils. With boiling water comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. The extra degree makes all the differences that separate good from excellence.” The fun space in our work allow us perform excellently. Sometimes Employers don’t just get this. They want to see you sweat before they sign that cheque.
Most importantly, this generation has a penchant for being innovative in nature. The reason we look unsettled or impatient is because we are constantly seeking innovative ways to collaborate, entertain, learn, and work.
As an employer, does your organization have corporate integrity and openness? Do you encourage employees to give their best without stifling their originality? As an employee, are you committing a 212 degrees-attitude to work? Mutual understanding between employees and employers will help bridge the yawning gap in the marketplace.


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