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After the Old HollyWood Ball, Keep the circle going... @WLFFGIRLS

In August this year, I featured an interview with the team from "With Love From Friends," (WLFF) an organization committed to improving lives and access to qualitative education. Click here to read the interview

WLFF Team visits LOTS at Ajegunle
WLFF is working with Love on the streets (LOTS) Foundation, a Nigerian registered and based charity. LOTS run a Resource Centre in an area called ‘Dustbin Estate’ in Ajegunle, Lagos. As the name implies, Dustbin Estate is a live refuse waste disposal site, home to a large community of families including young children. These children often receive poor or no education at all, which is where the LOTS Resource Centre comes in. LOTS not only provide supplementary classes for the children, they also provide them with daily meals; teach them IT skills and take them on day trips to the cinema, museums etc. 

The Old Hollywood Ball to fundraise

The WLFF ball, with over 150 guests, was held on the 1st October 2011 at a 4 star Hotel Russell in London. The night featured a skit of the popular Old Hollywood movie ‘Gone with the wind’, a vintage photo booth, a jazz singer, band and other acts. 
The night ended with a DJ rocking the music for guests to boogie into the night.
WLFF was able to raise a sum of £4305.48 from donations and tickets purchased!

Now, LOTS gets the financial support they need to run their resource center. But better still, Emmanuel gets full scholarship all through his secondary school level!

Emmanuel is 12 years old and lives in the area within Ajeromi-ifelodun local government of Ajegunle, Lagos, which WLFF have selected to implement the WLFF 2011 project in.  He comes from a very humble home structure, which he shares with his parents and seven siblings (younger and older).

He is an A student and has held first position in his class at a public school for a significant period. He is also bright and articulate and attends the LOTS Resource Centre each day after school during the term and during the day during school holidays. He enjoyed going to see a film at the ‘Silverbird’ cinema, Victoria Island and also visiting ‘Terraculture’ (sponsored trips arranged by LOTS). He is an avid reader, (His peers at LOTS said his head is always buried deep in a book); he however admitted the bible was still his favourite book.
He will start Secondary School on a full scholarship sponsored by With Love From Friends WLFF (with funds raised at the 2011 Ball).

Emmanuel's new school!
Since the ball,  WLFF have been busy implementing their project plans. They say, "None of this would have happened without the immeasurable help of WLFF supporters out there. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed from kind words, tweets, blog/website posts, tickets bought, time volunteered, donations and support in general!"

During the last interview, I asked them, "What is your message of hope to underserved communities in Nigeria?"
They replied: "Our message is keep your head up, work hard, and maintain integrity. And when your circumstances change for the better, help someone else. Let's keep the cycle going!"

Yes! Let's keep it going- each one (or team) teach one until all are taught!
Some Photos of the event:

Such sweet music to our ears! 

What is WLFF’s future events and projects? To find out,  
Visit their website: 
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Follow on Twitter: @WLFFGIRLS

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