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Are you between 15-35years of age? Do you live in Lagos? Then participate in the Climate Change Photo Contest!

Are you between 15 - 35 years of age? Do you live in Lagos? Then participate in the Climate Change Photo Contest organized by Youth Championing Environmental Sustainability and Policy Action, Y-CEP.

By Ayodele Taofiq-Fanida

Lagos: March, 2012 -Following the global threats poised to the world, Climate Change has become the defining challenge of the 21st century and Lagos state is not left out of the vulnerability climate change impacts on many fronts.  
Lagos lies along the Atlantic ocean. Often referred to as the economic hub of Nigeria,  Lagos has a vast aquaculture and marine related commerce, which is crucial to the economy of the state. Albeit densely populated, with a high suburban settlements and large daily influx of environmental migrants from other parts of Nigeria and even Africa, Lagos remains a top spot for global investors and business transactions. 

The 2010 World Youth Report on Youth and Climate Change, states that “youths in developing countries, especially in regions within Africa and Asia where a majority of the world’s youth live, will likely be more affected by climate change and its negative consequences than young people in developed countries. Extreme weather events are occurring more frequently and in developing countries in particular.” It is to this end that a competition has been initiated for youths, to promote climate change and create more awareness.

The Competition, “Is this climate change?” is a campaign targeted at youths who care about the environment, climate change and the future of generations unborn.
The competition is open to residents of Lagos state who are between ages 15 and 35 years, and who are passionate about the present environmental conditions in the state. It is also focusing on those who are willing to show the people of Lagos State what they understand by Climate Change through photographs and what they expect government should be doing. 

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about climate change issues amongst youths, enlist youth participation to add their voice to the various active stakeholders in the drive for a more sustainable environment and to create a platform for youths to engage the government on policy action around climate change issues in the state.

Entrants must tell a story or present an idea of their understanding on what climate change is. Submitted stories stand a chance to win great prizes and be part of a youth group that will further engage the Lagos State government on policy issues on climate change.

The deadline for all entries is March 15th, 2012.

It is important to note, that the collective participation and involvement of all decision makers, experts, young people and all individuals, ought to be brought to bare in this campaign, as Lagos State moves towards enacting a Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Governance strategy for the State.

As former UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan said “The challenges of our age are global; they transcend national frontiers; … That is why more than ever before, we need dedicated and talented young men and women to be global citizens who make the choice of service to humankind.
About The Partnership

The Policy Advocacy Project Partnership on Climate Change (PAPPCC) in Lagos State is a partnership of Civil Society Organisations and Professionals concerned about the threat of climate change to Lagos State. The partnership is committed to working with various Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Lagos State government, Lagos State House of Assembly and other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive and sustainable policy framework for climate change in Lagos State, aswell as to demystify issues around climate change through adequate awareness raising activities among the Lagos Populace.

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