Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fast tips on Nutrition and Healthy Living For The Busy 9-5vers

The Lagos state government recently provided free medical services to people living in Ayobo-Ipaja community. Thousands of people turned up daily for the one-week exercise.

I left the venue on day two wondering if there is a brimming investment opportunity at the grassroots healthcare system that business people are not exploring. The common believe is that people are poor, thus cannot afford medical services. But I think this is debatable, considering that other businesses are booming here.

If these people who are considered poor can afford mobile phones and recharge their call-credit, then why won't they be happy to access medical services if they are a little cheaper? Or perhaps more efforts should be arched towards orientating the public on the essentials of healthy living?

Meanwhile, I caught up with Mrs Oluwatoyin Adams, chief nutrition officer Lagos state ministry of health, during the programme. She provides the following tips for healthy living:

1. In terms of nutrition, we always say you are what you eat. Eat adequately. Eat adequate food.

2. Fruits and vegetables should be much in our meal.

3. Stay away from red meat as much as possible.

4. Have a good rest.

5. Exercise.

6. Drink a lot of water.

7. For adults, make sure you eat by 8pm. Don't eat beyond 8pm so that the food can digest.

8. Reduce the intake of simple sugars and fast food.

9. The type of vegetable oil we use should be cholesterol-free.

10. Seek medical services in the nearest health centre.

11. Stop self-medication.

12. Try as much as possible to go for regular assessment, at least twice a year.

13. Visit your nutritionist regularly.

Lets stay healthy Nigerians! Health is wealth!! ;-)

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