Monday, May 13, 2013

Celebrating 100 years of collective struggle under an organized labour #MayDay #Nasarawa

"Let me start the speech with the observation by some people that the May Day celebration is a mere ritual where workers gather to lament over their conditions. Whoever thinks this way is sure far from being correct. We do not merely grieve over our misery on a day like this. We celebrate our successes as workers in spite of daunting challenges and renew our resolve to make the welfare of workers, the creators of our commonwealth, better." -- Comrade Asoloko Maku, Nasarawa State Chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress in commemoration of 2013 Worker’s Day.    
"Celebrating 100 years of our collective struggles as workers under an organized labour"

"Workers have made a lot of sacrifices towards the development of the state" Maku
"Nasarawa state is barely 17 years old and the organized labour in the state is as old as the state itself. Indeed, the organized labour made significant contributions to the creation and development of the state." Maku
"I will advice my colleagues to pick courage and give the government a little time. In as  much as we are also crying for ourselves, we should also look at the plight of the government because the government is also faced with a lot of challenges. They cannot meet all the problems at the same time." Comrade Luka Zhekaba.

"I'm very happy particularly today because this is the day the civil servants will air their own problems to the government. And more importantly, those who are not opportune to go through formal education, by the time they grace today's occasion, they'll be encouraged to join the system." Comrade Abubakar Adamu, BESAN PRO

"Illiteracy is a sickness but when there is education, every body will know his left and right. If not because of education, I cannot even speak to you like this... " Victoria Yakubu.
"The thing that is disturbing me is that most of our elders or leaders don't care about teachers today. Without a teacher, nobody can open their mouth to say a word, without a teacher you cannot even know to read and write..."
"It is with appreciation and deep sense of respect that I salute all workers and labour union of Nasarawa state to say well done, keep up the good work." Al-Makura

"It is gratifying to state that within the past one year, our state witnessed immense industrial peace and harmony." Al-Makura

"I must commend NLC and TUC as well as affiliate unions in the state for the sustained understanding, co-operation... it is the prevalent cordial relationship in the state that has encouraged the government to sustain its implementation of the national minimum wage. Today, there is overwhelming evidence that Nasarawa state remains the only state to have implemented the policy 100% in spite of its lean financial resources"

"You will notice since our assumption in office, we have not made elaborate employment of our graduates. It is not that the government is callous or insensitive to the needs and desirability of employing...but you will agree with me that the resources available at our disposal might not make it possible for us to implement what is our mind desire." Al-Makura.

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