Sunday, June 02, 2013

Youth Media Summit: Challenges in Young People’s World of Communication

Here is introducing the 1st National Children and Young People's Media Summit organized by Media Advocacy and Development Initiative in partnership with DAAR Communications Plc, CHAMS Plc, Television Continental, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (FCT Chapter) and several other organizations scheduled to hold in Abuja between July 28 th and August 3 rd , 2013 at British Nigerian Academy with the theme "Challenges in Young People's World of Communication".

Media Advocacy and Development Initiative (MADinitiative) is a registered non-government organization focused in the area of promoting Theatre and Media for advocacy among children, women and youths in Nigeria.

The National Children and Young People's Media Summit 2013 is a gathering of delegates from different continents of the world preparing children and youth for a new media world in the 21st century while encouraging global networking.

It offers great opportunities to network, to be part of debates, to be interactive and to be part of workshops; to share perspectives, experience and expertise. It will be the most important meeting place for Children and young people in 2013.

Participants at the 1 st National Children and Young People's Media Summit would be trained on the technical aspect of following areas –

1. T.V/Radio Programming and Production, Presentation,

2. Photography,

3. New Media (Blog/Web streaming)

4. Video Editing, Cinematography and Animation

5. Graphics Design and Printing Technique.

At the end of the 1week practical summit, the participants would have gained enough knowledge on the technical background of the 21 st Century Media World and be able to influence the world through media with their contents.

The summit will also create a platform for media tycoons and young people in media to brainstorm and create positive media content for young people.

For further details, please visit or email us at, or call 08052194095.

Note: Press Release.

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Anonymous said...

As a child, I wanted to be a television presenter at age 9. I developed my 1st TV idea at that age but NTA asked me to get N2m before they can accept me to go on air. That same program, LEADERS OF TOMORROW was accepted at no cost by AIT 3 years later and still runs 10years after. - Damilola Apotieri (CEO, MADinitiative) You too can be on AIR. Attend NCYPMS2013