Saturday, August 03, 2013

Journal-ising +234...

Howdy! Happy New Month!! :-)

A lot of exciting, challenging and beautiful things have happened since my last personal note. And in all of these things and for all of these things, I'm giving God all the thanks! I'm grateful to my family and friends for their prayers and love.

Early this year I went on a post-university/college  paramilitary service called NYSC. It is a one-year volunteer service to Nigeria :-) Oh well, so that was how I landed in Nasarawa. Ask me for more details later.

For work, I have been dreaming up some Big Audacious Next-level Goals (BANG!). I'm so ultra-excited! Like you know, I have been reporting on the business of health in Nigeria. For more info checkout The experience has taken me deeper into issues affecting people living on this side of the world. It has also taken me to a new dimension in journalism- I mean, I never imagined one day I'll be depending on an interpreter while working on a story in Nigeria. But these voices must be heard. Language differences should not be a barrier!

So expect more grassroots reporting for a global audience! Talking about global, have you heard that Global Press Institute has officially launched Global Press Journal? Yes! That is one of the coolest news wire to source for the latest development news report told by local journalists. Here is the link to the site:

Africa coverage:

News from Nigeria:

Enjoy reading!

Sending you some cool greetings from (north) central Nigeria! And yes, it feels like winter out here these days. Thank God for raining season! :-) Stay warm and keep your fire burning!

May God preserve our saltiness.

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