Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Increasing your communication capacity through effective feedback

I just had a terrific time making a presentation to my colleagues and officials in Nasarawa state (LGA). The focus was on "FEEDBACK- Increasing your communication capacity through effective feedback."

In every communication process, feedback is important- the circle can't be complete without it. But, we often ignore the vital role this element plays.

The goal of the session was to:
1. Explain communication process
2. Explore the role of feedback in communication process
3. Empower audience with skills to enable them frame effective feedback (audience participation session)
4. Give tips on "Giving" and "Receiving" feedback

From a self-evaluative point of view and judging from the feedback I got from the audience, I'll say it was indeed an interesting & successful session ;-)

I'm thankful for the opportunity to share and learn. I thank Michael for anchoring the practical session ;-) and @JohnEdide for providing the paper for visual presentation.

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of speaking on "Relationship: Making it work." The audience were secondary school students, undergraduates and graduates. Actually I saw a few kids in the crowd too- so I was mindful of some content.

The months I have spent teaching some 350 teenagers here (as a volunteer teacher) has really boosted my skills - research, teaching, presentation, listening and audience management. So thankful for more opportunities!

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abdulakeem said...

Trust you Sis!Keep changing the world.Truly, Feedback matters in all forms of communication,without feedback-no message was passed. God's bless...You