Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Waiting... Who'll be our "next" president?

Lagos is quiet this morning.
The roads are free.
Yesterday afternoon
I heard a woman
screaming at her neighbour's daughter:
Leave the street, get inside, where is your mother? If everyone starts running, where will you go? Hurry up, inside.

If everyone starts running?
To where? For what?

3pm. Yesterday.
Offices shut their doors.
Too early. It used to be 5pm, for some.
I could smell the fear in the air.
It still stinks.
It is like we are all waiting
for the dragon that will be unleashed
once the election results are announced.

The war may never come.
But still,
the roads are empty this morning.
Fear is a terrible state to be in.

This is not poetry.
This is not journalism.
Whatever it is,
Pray for Nigeria.

The picture was taken last week. Army officers on their morning parade around Adeola Odeku. It has nothing to do with elections.

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