Friday, April 24, 2015

UPDATE- Satyagraha Institute For Young Leaders - Revised Dates, Shorter Program Options and Lower Program Fee

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Satyagraha Institute

Announcement !

Revised Dates
Shorter Program Options
Lower Program Fee


In response to your input, we have revised the dates and fees for the Satyagraha Institute 2015 pilot program.

The Institute will now be held August 4-18. The program fee is now only $700. (And, for those who cannot attend the entire program, early departure on August 14 is an option, with a reduced fee of $500.) Please see our website for details.

The application deadline is now Sunday, June 28. Space is limited, so early application is suggested.

If this opportunity inspires you, but you hesitate to apply, please email or call us so we can explore what might be possible.

Also, if you can think of anyone in your community who might benefit from this opportunity to develop the skills, understanding, and heart of nonviolence, please encourage them to apply.

Apply Today

We are still in need of several major donors. Many of you have already sent generous contributions to make Satyagraha Institute a reality. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in making a major charitable donation, please see our support page or contact us. We are happy to provide more details about our specific budget and program needs.

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Mohandas Gandhi

What is Satyagraha?

Mohandas Gandhi, who famously experimented with the possibilities of nonviolence, coined the Sanskrit term satyagraha to identify a method of social change. Gandhi proposed that satya (truth) combined with  agraha (firmness) creates a useful social power that does not rely on harming others. Gandhi often referred to this power as "truth-force."

Satyagraha is an adherence to truth as it unfolds. Since many perspectives are necessary in order to see what is true, satyagraha offers a way to create change that recognizes both our incomplete understanding of any given situation and the wisdom that others have to share.

Satyagraha is a way of directly engaging with others to work out the difficult aspects of life without resorting to coercion, harm, or ill intention. It is the social power which arises when we act with kindness, respect, patience, generosity, and service.

Key components of satyagraha include:

• Changing ourselves as a means of changing the world

• Touching our adversary's heart as a means of changing the world

• Maintaining kind intentions without exception

• Attempting to refrain from harming others

• Offering selfless service

• Employing means consistent with the ends we desire

• Nurturing systems that value nondiscrimination and respect

• Dismantling harmful institutions, while simultaneously building supportive institutions to take their place

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