Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Do something for Nigeria at 47...

Do something...for Nigeria at 47!
Please turn off the TV/radio and shut out all the noise around you... and thank God for Nigeria just the way things are! We will be celebrating Nigeria at 47 come October 1st. Hurray! For yet another opportunity this independence anniversary to count our blessings. Yeah, we should not spend that day counting our loses, but instead channel our energy towards thanking God for 47 things about Nigeria, draw up an agenda of how to improve Nigeria in 47 areas of your choice and perhaps congratulate other Patrotic Nigerians and tell them 47 more reasons on why they should keep equiping themselves with what is needed to move forward. Obviously, 47 is not the end of the race... the best is yet to come!
In this same atmosphere of gearing up for October 1st independence celebration, think of the following as ways we can build our commitment to the development of this country at any level:
More creativity: As we all know, some issues affecting Nigeria seems to be taking more complicated turn, thus the need for us in this generation to begin to think deelpy and create innovative ideas that will tackle such challenges. While others are moaning about the state of affairs, we should be thinking and acting on how to help solve the issues so we don't end up compounding the problem.
Civic Literacy: As citizens of this country, it is not enough to exercise our rights and fulfill obligations without fear or favour. We must all continually equip ourselves with the basic knowledge of what is happening in government or how else can we hold them accountable on issues affecting the youths if we do not know anything they are up to? Moreover, since we do not want to grow into a generation that talk out of context or criticise the government out of ignorance, it is vital that we have a willingness and ability to participate effectively in government- we do not need a ministerial position to do that!
Communication: This is not about appraising the GSM network, but about our ability to let go of our strong hold on ethnicity/tribalistic mindset. It is appaulling that so many people still discriminate against others just because they are from an ethnic group different from theirs. As a true Nigerian, we should learn to stand on a common ground of the understanding of the beauty that is in our diveristy. We should freely relate with one another irrespective of their culture and analyze or articulate our thoughts and ideas with mutual respect.
In essence, we should all be committed to doing something for Nigeria because indirectly we are also improving our lives and the lives of others. We can't develop Nigeria if the people are underdeveloped with no passion or drive for the future. We should not let the world move on without us...Happy 47th independence anniversary Nigerians! Think and act in a fresh way this new season. Be empowered and equiped with skills and attitude needed to serve Nigeria with all your might and a compassionate heart!

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