Friday, October 19, 2007

Is there still Dignity in YTINIGRIV?

What should we make of a society where sex sell more than anything else, where prostitution is branded with euphemistic names like "Aristos" and "Sugar Daddy" and nympho now openly call those who are not "too naive to be counted in"? Have you come across the wallpaper that reads "Virginity is not dignity but lack of opportunity"? how much truth lie in those words?

Many young people are beginning to think the issue of abstaining from sex until one's marriage night is gradually loosing its popularity vote in this generation due to societal norms. But we can't blame the society in its totality for the hype about accepting pre-marital sex as part of its norm, at least if parents, who are part of the society, were playing their role well in being a child's first educator on such issues, no amount of pressure from their peers will be able to derail their social values.

For instance, a child begins to read romance novels at the age of seven and his/her parents applaud such decision, "it will help you embellish your English" they say. Then at the age of fourteen, with no parents in sight, the child is motivated by his/her peers to try out the sensous act those novels have talked so much about. It is not a pregnant teenage daughter or a HIV positive son that eventually wakes the Parents to the reality of their failure but the knowledge of how much their "baby" has lost his or her innocence.

The moral decadence in the society today cannot be only blamed on the Parent's lack of interest in their children's activities, the media's power to casually disseminate X-rated movies under the auspices of Parental guidance or the Priest who do not directly address the youths on such issues for fear of it driving them away from Chapel... but also on our lack of taking personal responsibility!

Sometimes it does not really matter how much advice we get, we have a way of doing only what seems right in our own eyes. Thus, the decision to remain a Virgin until after marriage is a choice no one can make for us. But for those who have been deflowered or who are nymphomaniac in nature, I advice you seek professional and godly counsel. There is still dignity in Zipping up 24/7. Make that decision today and stand out of the one else can make it for you!

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Sowatchmi said...

Great article! Keep it up Jennifer.