Tuesday, March 25, 2008


When you think about Easter what comes to mind? For many it is the Christian celebration of the death of Christ and His resurrection. Well, that is a good way of describing it! A time to reflect on the BIG sacrifice of God’s love in order for us to have eternal life if we believe in Him! This morning I thought of a new angle to put in my already written article void of statistics, a special to celebrate this season. Then I settled to write it like I'm giving you an Easter egg, a written Easter egg titled “Good decision making”.
An Easter egg is a chocolate egg or rather an egg made of chocolate that is usually given out as gifts during Easter. The egg itself is a symbol of the Resurrection. In some countries, they are specially decorated eggs given to celebrate the Easter holiday. The oldest tradition is to use dyed and painted chicken eggs, but a modern custom substitute chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with confectionery such as jellybeans. These eggs are often hidden, supposedly by the Easter Bunny, for children to find on Easter morning.
Now back to my write-up, the Easter Egg gift, on good decision-making: do you know good decision is what God exhibited when He gave up His only son for us? It is indeed a culture worth emulating! As young people, a good-decision making skill is very paramount for a successful living. We all make decisions everyday of our lives, some small, other of more magnitude nature. For example, when you wake up every morning, you have to take a decision- to get out of bed or remain in bed. Next month I will be making a decision wheather to write my first semester examination or defer it. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ made a decision to die for our sins (and ressurected after 3 days) so that we can have eternal life. Now we have to make the decision to believe in Him or not.
Decision making is the choices we make from the alternative solutions available to us. Some decisions are very important and have great impact on our lives while others are of less significance. It must be noted that every situation has alternative. Activities in exchange of one decision normally lead an individual to myraids of options out of which he or she is expected to choose the best.
Good decision-making involves evaluating different aspect of a problem, considering various alternatives and making a decision based on that information along with considering personal values. Other factors such as people- peers, family, friends etc also tend to influence our decisions in life, thus the need to stick to positive influence! We can also learn the process by being open-minded to learn from the mistake or results of poor decisions which are those that appear to be irrational or decisions we made for no good reason- experience is a good teacher. Remember, acquiring good decision making skill is like learning to walk for the first time- first we learn to turn over, to sit, to crawl, to stand and then we take the first step! It does not happen overnight! Whatever decision you make this Easter and beyond, ensure that is is one that will not harm you or others in future! Hope you enjoy this Easter egg! HAPPY EASTER!

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