Tuesday, March 04, 2008


As the risk of oversimplification of our emotions, what on earth can make Hon. Speaker of House of Representative, Federal Republic of Nigeria Dimeji Bankole cry openly on a national television? It caught me unaware too until my niece said uncle you too are “Cr…” The same reaction I got recently at a gathering when I asked a youth leader that I respected so much, Oluseyi Oyebisi of Triple NGO & RVOY Unicef, he said “I felt it.”

It was during the courtesy visit made recently by their fellow Honourables Colleagues (The Nigerian Children Parliament) at the National Assembly on the issue of underage sex with children. Do we know or ignore the fact of this rampant social vices when uncle, father, neighbours rape underage girls from age 2 to 15? A very absurd and irrating thing to humanity.

Sexual crime, especially defilement of underage children is sky rocketing in Nigeria now, recently a man Niyi Oseni was arrested in Suleja for defiling a four year- old girl in Niger State, another man called Abubakar 26-year old, lured an eight-year-old girl who was asked to hawk kolanut by her parent… you can read details of this in (The Nigerian Tribune, Tuesday 23 October 2007 Pg. 15).

My point here is that what are we doing on this issue of underage sex of child-girl child. It was argued in same quarters that reasons been given for the increase in the number of rape cases as; it is believed that a person with HIV and AIDS who sleep with a virgin would be cleansed of the disease but to debunk this claim the victim is likely to be infected with whatever disease the rapist had in his body system. Another reason for the increase in rape cases is that the young girls were being defiled for ritual purposes – innocent girl-child. Do the culprits think of the traumatic effect of their ungodly act, leaving on the victim with psychosomatic disorder, why the wickedness?

It was estimated that the children under age 14 are more than 40 million but primary school enrolment is only about 24 million, leaving more than 15 million on the streets. Something has to be done urgently! We must keep in mind the MDGs attainment by 2015. We are all affected by this social vices wheather we like to admit it or not. The recent Sexual Offences Bill sponsored by Senator Chris Anyanwu is a good step and speedy passage of the bill will go along way to curb this social menace.

We should all join the Nigerian Children Parliament (NCP) on the issue of underage sex because we do not know the next victim girl-child... Parent should endeavour to look after their children because most of the victims were young girls. Governments, NGOs, Media and law enforcement agencies should do their utmost in this regard.

Voices of Nigerian Child? Someone has to listen to them because “DIS GENERATION” is taking Nigeria to next level, do you believe? I want to thank my colleague, Lady Jenny for this privilege, the Editor, The Nation on Sunday, Mr. Lekan Otufodunrin, thanks a million and “DIS-GENERATION” readers.

Reading through my pen same other time.

Guest Columnist
AYTV, Nigeria .

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