Sunday, April 27, 2008

Are you living green?

ZZzzzz" All I wanted so much is to get more sleep. The weather is just perfect for that. But I cannot, because I already made some other commitment. One that will improve my life and the life of others- you! April 22nd is Earth day and the April 24th is world malaria day- both issues very connected to mankind and all other kinds. For some days, courtesy of The Jane Goodall Institute’s Global Youth Summit, youths from 28 countries have been brainstorming on how best they can work to make the world a better place to keep it livable for this generation and those coming after us. For me, this goes beyond issues around poverty alleviation, and material issues but also eradicating poverty of the mind.
Right now, my room mate and I are preparing for the big day- Disney world’s 10th anniversary celebration in Florida, USA. We will be taking a tour round the wildlife to learn about the animals that are being threatened into extinction by man. Do you know anything about that? Well, I knew very little about it too and to think of it, I never really gave a second thought about it until now I am learning so much about conservation and the importance of nature. Information! What can we do without it?
Are you living green? Do you know enough to help you take care of nature and keep the Earth clean and green? We need to ensure that this generation and the future inherit a living earth, a clean and healthy home for man, animals and plants alike! But with the way things are going- global warming, environmental pollution, poverty etc. it seems we need to work harder to keep our world from falling apart. I will tell you more about all this talk about living green and clean in subsequent articles.... we need to protect the future...we all have a role to play!

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