Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Some of our ardent readers have shared some valueable opinions, ones that I cannot help but share with you too. Hope it challenges you and get you thinking deeply like it did to me. Cheers.
RE: The left alone generation
I stand right in the middle of two generations, one behind and the other right before me. What do I see? I have staring me right in the face one that has been denied of the values that impacts a viable structure system and another is allowed by the prevailing circumstantial situations to rape them of the morals their parents could afford, but the society is not to be blamed for denying them of parental presence like the former.

Like your latest article, Barack Obama’s fundraising speech sinks so deep into my flesh like a dog’s carnivorous teeth. Obama declared that one of the things he would effect into the American society is to really see parents giving their children breakfast; making sure they do not only do their home works, but that they get them a reading table in the house and personally teach them and if they can’t, to call on their teachers; ensure that the TV is shut down, the games are locked up at appropriate time; and to make sure the kids are kept off the streets. Does that not speak of a re-calibration of parental role in child raising?

Vices are all we get when children are denied of their parents girding presence, the place no teacher or long arm of the law will ever fail to occupy. The society will be filled with such social vices and like Asa would sing “there is fire on the mountain, and no one seems to be on the run”. TV programmes, home videos (no matter how instrumental they might be), computers, games, peer groups and the likes can impact like parents will.

Parents seem to forget that the best legacy they can leave for their children, who they claim would take after them in their absence, is not houses, cars, money or other materialism they so much struggle to acquire. Rather, it is the lasting values that would outlive their so called acquired wealth. I advocate for positive values to be engraved into this generation. It is what will emanate peace, joy and a sane society. Parenting denied of this have no other option for their children than make them government children in remand homes or worse places and this will finally will contribute to having a recycled life of contesting vices and crises.
- Paul Mbagwu, Lagos Nigeria

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