Thursday, May 29, 2008


The month of May has three significant dates worth celebrating, especially because it provides Nigerians with opportunity to reflect purposefully on different issues of great importance. The first of such dates is May 1st- Worker’s day that celebrates the Tax payers, I mean workers for their immense contribution to National development. Then we have the heart warming May 27th- children’s day and the resounding historical May 29th -Democracy day that commemorate the return of democracy in Nigeria since 1999. Thus, one can rightly say that the month of May indeed provides a unique opportunity for Nigerians and all who watch our country with keen interest, to deliberate on the past, present and future condition of our society in its entire ramification.
For instance, May 27th is not just a day set aside for Children to party, It is also a day where critical issues affecting the Nigeria child are looked into by key stakeholders, including children, in order to draw an action plan to ameliorate the situation. We seek to find answers to questions like “why are about 10 million Nigerian Children not in school despite the free education provided by the government?”. I do not intend to startle you with any statistics of the current state of an average Nigerian child, which you can find from other sources, however, I’d like to urge you not to stop contributing your quota towards securing a better future for this generation.
Starting with your children (or siblings), neighbor’s, and the almost forgotten street children, simple steps that can be taken to improve their lives includes beings a good role model, having in mind that most children learn by watching; showing more support and love to ensure the rights of these children are not trampled upon and most importantly help create an enabling environment for them to grow and develop into responsible youths willing to sustain the future.
I will like to echo the deep words of Nat Keefe who was featured in an edition of Roots and Shoots newsletter. In the interview with Shawn Sweeney, the guitarist and vocalist of “Hot Buttered Rum (HBR)” band was asked about his hope for future generations and here is his response: I go back and forth being optimistic and pessimistic about the way things are going. There’s no guarantee that humanity is destined for greatness. I’m worried that the clever and cut throat instincts that got humans to where we are will also be our undoing. At the same time, it is amazing how far things have come. Some of the best young minds are going to work towards positive change and people are really getting organized. I’m going to continue to do my little part.
Now lets think deeply, as we celebrate this year’s Children’s Day, about the hope we have for future generations. Happy Children’s day and of course a peaceful Democracy day celebration in advance!

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