Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yesterday’s rain is one most Lagosians, especially Ogba Residents will not forget easily. At about 5pm when most workers were preparing to call it a day at their place of duty, and evening traders set out to display their wares in their market stall, the rain came pouring heavily without a warning. I was among those thrown into a state of confusion as we ran helter skelter in search of shelter from the storm. We had just closed from school, thus most of us students were still hanging around the bus stop when the rain started. From the small kiosk where I sort solace from the storm, I watched in awe as some traders who already have their wares in display struggle to pack up but to no avail as they were forced by the magnitude of the rain to run into hiding, thus abandoning their goods. Biscuits, apples, vegetable, tomatoes etc. were some of the goods that were seen floating in the flooded street.
Meanwhile, the now waist-leveled flood hindered pedestrian movement as nobody wanted to risk falling into the gutter that was covered by the flood. The massive downpour which lasted for about 3 hours left most people sighing in disappointment because of the troubles and suffering such heavy downpour brings to commuters. Most roads become a no-go-area; thus most travelers are left stranded at bus stops! Many houses are also flooded during the raining season to mention but a few troubles.
After the rain, most traders counted lose due to business disruption. Commuters were not left out in the negative fallouts of the rain; they were seen making long walks due to lack of vehicles. Most of the vehicles were stuck in the traffic jam caused by impatient drivers, flooded roads etc. Moreover, some of the public buses that would have been plying some routes had to stay off because their vehicles lack the needed parts needed to thrive in such a flooded journey. So like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs, such buses packed along the road waiting for the traffic jam and flood to subside.
Rainfall is a blessing, thus we cannot reject it. As the raining season is just starting; this means we will definitely be seeing so much of river-like floods along most of the Lagos roads. The same breeze which blows to expose the anus of the fowl is one that blows each time rain falls to expose the poor drainage system, poor road construction and of course poor building structures people are forced to live in due to accommodation challenge in this part of the world!

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