Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Happy fathers’ day! Today is a day set aside not just to celebrate one father but to celebrate fatherhood, male parenting and honour fathers all over the world starting from the one closest to us! A father is a man, son, brother, nephew, uncle, godfather, grandfather, a role model and of course a friend! We should honour them everyday but most importantly today by giving them special gifts to appreciate them for who they are- a good father.

From their everyday activities as the head of the house to their office where they give or receive orders, fathers strive to build the nation but they are eventually shaped into persons we wish they are not. The quiet and loving dad becomes unusually agitated around the house due to the pressure from work that keeps him ever busy. They begin to loose touch with their children’s unbringing and loose touch with themselves in the rat race. Unconciously, they allow the norms to turn them into full-time money-making-machine (MMM). But all the same, they live up to their responsibility and remain our fathers- we can’t change that!

But what if you could change something about your Dad, what will it be? Here are some of the responses I received in a public poll conducted among young people on the topic “Daddy’s make-over”:
If I could make my Daddy over, I would like to take away the anger in him. I know it is not easy to be a Dad but it doesn’t mean one should be always angry.
I will want my Dad to learn to cheerish his children’s education. He needs to give his life to Christ so that all other things can be added to him.
I will like to reduce the way he complains about my dressing.
I will like to make him believe more in his children
My Popsi is stingy and cold. I will like to change that.
My father needs to be more interested in the education of his children. Right now he considers it a waste of reosources.
I will like to change my Dad into a woman
My father is always saying he does not have money and gets worked-up when I ask for money.
My Dad has taught me to be optimistic about life. I don’t want to make him over. I will like to buy him a car and change his work.
I am not in good terms with my father. He is easily influenced by other people’s opinion. This is one thing I will like to change!

It is amazing how much we want to change our father for the better. Do you think we can begin this make-over session by simply loving them the way they are and appreciating them more? For instance, 80% of the people who participated in this poll did not even know today is father’s day! Fathers are too significant for their day to be insignificant. Well, here is calling out to all father’s sons and daughters to celebrate their Dad.

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