Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Looking at the situation in Nigeria and considering the level of corruption, it sometimes makes one to wonder if ever change would take place. Taking a case study of the just concluded Senior Secondary School Examination, it was discouraging to learn how very little our youths believe in "studying to show one's self approve". Yes, they no longer believe that they can study and pass an exam.

I remember very well standing before some students in a school, and advising them to work towards their examination with all diligence and dedication and also seal their efforts with prayers and trust in God. I actually shared my experience with them and the Joy that I got when I received my SSCE result back in 1998. I was indeed convinced that these same students who had listened with rapt attention were ready for change, to work hard and pray to achieve the best.

However, the reverse was the case. It was so disheartening to hear about the fraudulent activities and all manner of corruption that took place during the examination. What really broke my heart was seeing the same students throw caution (and their commitment to fight corruption) to the wind as they all ran to also partake in the purchase of questions and answers of the subjects they were about to write. Someone asked me “what can you do to stop them from such act?” It was so sad. The situation seemed uncontrollable. And my heart has kept asking me “will there ever be a change against corruption in our Nation, Nigeria ?”

How do we build a better society for tomorrow’s leaders who also seem to be swimming in the pool of corruption? What foundation can we build for the next generation? I wonder why a parent will look his children say to them “you are slacking and not smart at all” just because they refuse to participate in the examination malpractice. What values is such parent passing on to his child?

Change is what we willed and not what we wish for Nigeria and we will surely experience change. A lot of things will soon be revealed at all levels and those who refuse to embrace change will be left behind. We all must do the right thing at all times, no matter the cost, and pass the same values to others, especially the young ones. The time for change is now!

Guest Writer: Marcelina E.E.

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