Monday, July 28, 2008

The Artic is screaming, North pole is melting!

Riddle: Where will Santa Claus move to now that the North Pole is melting away? The North Pole which is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, amidst waters that are almost permanently covered with constantly shifting sea ice is melting! Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secreatary-General urges the world to take action and make the wrong right. What is the wrong? Men have abused the environment. Knowingly or unknowingly, our activities have drastically influenced the environment which has resulted to another global Challenge! Scientific consesus on climate change is that human activity is beyond reasonable doubt the main explanation for the current rapid changes in the world's climate, with all the cut-throating inventions here and there, thanks to industrial revolution.

We have reached where are are now, and everyone is affected, including those who do not understand what climate change is all about! But how can we undo the damage? We need some prudence! "Prudence does not mean failing to accept responsibilities and postponing decisions; it means being committed to making joint decisions after pondering responsibly the road to be taken." Says Pope Benedict XVI. Actions taken now by everyone, both locally and globally will go a long way to affect future generation.

So, come August 12 International Youth Day (IYD), an annual opportunity that recognizes the youth and celebrates their achievements and pushes for their participation in all areas of society, youths from all over the world will be taking action on Climate change. The selected theme for this year’s IYD is ‘Youth and Climate Change: Time for Action’ in recognition of the fact that climate change has devastated communities and deepen the effects of poverty and hunger globally. The youths are the future, if we don’t protect the future, who else will? Back home what will you be doing? Ensure that you are not left behind in this significant and historic event. Build a synergy with local youth groups and NGOs to contribute your quota.

As part of Dis Generation’s celebration of international youth day (we still have something to celebrate!), three outstanding young people will be featuring on this column to share their hope for future generation: Dayo israel, Global Coordinator for the Nigerian Youth in Diaspora Organisation UK; Jessica Rimington, Founder, One World Youth Project, USA; and Oghenefego Isikwenu National Focal Point, Global Youth Coalition on HIV and AIDS (GYCA), Action Partner, Oxfam International Youth Partnerships (OIYP) and Coordinator, Inspiro Communications & Media (ICM), Delta State. It will be nice to know the driving force of these youth advocates despite the ill and challenges of today’s world! Do they also nurse the fear of what kind of earth their children will be born into? Do they have any hope for future generation? Their voices are very loud, so wear some earplugs or earmuffs. It promises to be an exclusive but insightful celebration of youth!

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