Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Hope for future generation by Dayo Israel (Guest writer)

I live with Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, Hope for a Brighter Future and a Safer World. However, this hope is not just for me but also of and for the over 30 Million Young People all over the World and the Unborn Generation. It is this hope that inspires my various International travels all over the world to gather together Young Leaders in their thousands to pray for the world through the Youth on the Frontline Conference.
I’m opportune to be born in this generation that is regarded as the IPod Generation, even though we have our records of uncomplimentary achievements, I am not in anyway envious of the past generation - My Parents Generation. The generation responsible for the ills of our today’s society, with records of corruption, massacre, under development, local and foreign debt, and foreign aid dependence as a result of bad political decisions such as the Structural Adjustment Program that has enslaved the African Citizenry. From Rhodesia to Kosovo, South Africa to Cuba, Liberia to Vietnam & South Korea, Afghanistan to Iraq, our “parents generation” Leaders fought wars that they had no business fighting in the first place. Wars that made so many Families Homeless, Children Parentless and turned so many Future Leaders into Child Soldiers.
Today's challenges are daunting. Top of the list is the Climate change and AIDS Pandemic that threaten us in an interconnected world. The Free World has continued to re-colonise the developing nations through various International Policies such as Globalisation and Open Market Economy. One of such is the Economic Partnership Agreement advocated by the European Union. The Iraq war and the resurgence of Taliban, and other global terrorist networks, have made our world more menacing by the threat of nuclear proliferation. The fears of terrorism have made our skies unsafe for travel.
Faced with these new generational challenges, the youths of this generation have continued to express passion and commitment to meet even greater challenges that may come with time. We have fought unemployment through Entrepreneurial alternatives. Our Innovations have posed major breakthrough globally. With Information Technology as one of the blessings of this generation, we have been able to tackle the challenges facing effective communication and information sharing. Young People now have a voice than we did 10years ago.
My Hope for the future generation is for a World filled with Love, Peace and armoHarmHarmony. A world where Young People: Succeed in education and continue participating in learning until University Graduation.; Take part in activities that develop their resilience and the social and emotional skills they need for life, and enjoy their leisure time, making real contribution to society using their energy and dynamism; Are emotionally and physically healthy and able to cope with the demands of adolescence and becoming an adult in a safe and supportive environment. Let us arise and build, working hand in hand to make this world a better place.
Guest writer: Temidayo Israel-Abdulai, Coordinator for the Nigerian Youth in Diaspora Organisation, a TV Talk show host and Youth Evangelist.

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