Thursday, September 04, 2008


On a lighter note, I will love to share with you my friend’s phone dating dilemma…in his own words “…so that no guy ever falls into the same pit that I did”. And yeah, I am sure ladies can learn from this too since mobile phone has become a critical tool needed to hopefully negotiate, build and keep an intimate relationship, a new added value of GSM!He writes: A couple of week ago, a certain number was constantly flashing me, so I decided to send a text to know who it was.

The 1st call came through at exactly 12 midnight. If I had known it was some phony call, I wouldn't have picked it up because I have a standing rule that every person that does midnight calls is nothing but a damn cheap-skate.Unfortunately for me I did pick it and lo' and behold on the line was the most beautiful female voice I have ever heard, believe you me, it so beautiful that she would make you pee in your pants. So we did get talking while I still trying to know how she got my number. Before long that became no issue, all that mattered was talking to this chic. I was stuck on her. I called her about 5 times a day and she did same, telling me that if she doesn't talk to me in an hour, she's not satisfied. My male instinct kicked in and got me excited!

After her exams, instead of going home she decided to come to Lagos . I should have got a cue of what was to come when she asked if I wasn’t interested in seeing her. She got to Lagos on a Friday night; my expectation was stake high, hoping to see a beautiful damsel that would totally knock my socks out. But my expectation crashed to debris, leaving me blank, as I tried to convince myself that the person in front of me wasn’t the girl I have been talking to, considering the fact that she told me that on a beauty scale of 1 to 10, she was an 8 but what was standing before me short of a 6.

The next couple of minutes got me thinking about how to ditch this girl. She was every thing that I don’t want in a woman- fat, too spiritual, the whole anchelada. I later found her hanging with my friend whom I think gave her my number, and she asked me to come see her. To avoid her suspecting on my plans to ditch her I paid her a visit that Saturday. After all said and done she simply refused to get the silent message... Girl Get a life! Well to cut the story short, she left for school this morning and I haven't called her. I do hope that she don’t call me or remember me. Like I said before screw free call and phone dating. What do you think?

(Thanks Samuel for sharing!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Samuel, Your story is a very interesting one and I think you should not run away from what you've gotten yourself into.

I think you've being quite judgemental. First, about midnight calls being a cheap steak, who doesnt know it's actually the best time to talk of your head at no cost, well, actually at the cost of ur sleep for those that I've got serious activities lined up for the following day.

What is it about the looks, anyway, because there's so much to a person than his/her looks and besides you thougt she was a great person before you met here in person.

I think you should call her up and tell her what a great person she is coz you already made her feel that way and come up with a more reasonable excuse not to be friends with her anymore.