Monday, August 25, 2008


“What is with the trend of having guest writers on your column?” someone asked. He was wondering if I am tired of writing so soon! My voice is not silent, I am certainly not tired of writing because it is a positive way expressing myself! But this month, I am inspired to share this platform with other young people of like-minds from different parts of the world- Dayo Israel, Jessica Rimington, Oghenefego Isikwenu. They are epitome of young leaders who will do nothing but succeed in their mission to protect the future. They understand the beauty of being youth and making positive impact. By engaging and commititng themselves, they are using their brain and heart to influence others with hope!

What happens when you loose hope? You don’t want to do anything anymore. You become a detached citadel of pessimism and even act as a barrier to the success of others. And everything stop being of real value because of your inability to achieve your goals. God forbid that our generation become shapen into a hopeless one!

The three guest writers who were featured as part of this year’s international youth day celebration did express their hope for this generation and their commitment to protect the future despite the many challenges facing our world today. We can indeed stop the earth from being driven into premature extinction if we all desist from activites that promote social inequality, man inhumanity to man, enviromental degradation, poverty etc.

It is because of the present as well as the future that we need to be more accountable and stop ourselves (not just our leaders) from squandering the resources God has blessed humanity with. Industrialization is one of the contributing factors to global warming and even at rural level, poverty is causing men to depend solely on earth to survive, thus they cut down trees to feed but leave the land they tilled for food bare and neglected.

The decisions you and I make everyday affect generations ahead. However, our passion and loyalty could be channeled towards moving things forward. We need a paradigm shift from the materialism mess we have got ourselves into by not denying the value of money i.e money is great to have if you do great things with it, but by understanding that there is only enough to meet our needs and not our greed. Protecting the future is all about sustainability. We all need to hold hands and join hearts to make the world a better place for posterity and not shatter our hope into piece.

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