Tuesday, April 14, 2009


With News about the global Economic Meltdown showing sign of little improvement, it is obvious that Easter celebration will involve less spending as most people have over the past months curbed their spending habit. Traders are complaining bitterly about hesitant frugal spending of people while buyers are complaining about the way they have lost their purchasing power due to the drastic inflation of price of goods and services.

Taking a cue from BBC’s Educational Cruncharama project that seeks young people’s opinion on what they think about the current global financial crisis, I interviewed some youths from different parts of Nigeria to find out how their level of Easter celebration is affected by this global phenomenon. There is a cut in pocket-money, no employment opportunity or temporary job placement for youths who would like to work during Easter holidays etc. Is the effect seemingly the same for all youths despite their economic or cultural background? Who is not affected?

Timothy Oghene, Asaba Delta: As a Christian, I’m taking out time to reflect on the significance of Easter despite the financial crisis and key into the anointing and life given by the power of Christ’s resurrection. I will share this hope with others by encouraging them to come back to life no matter the stumbling block imposed on them. I’m taking time out to visit the Old people’s home in Asaba and just associate with them. You don’t need money to celebrate Easter so the global financial crunch is not affecting me because my celebration is not materialistic.

Chinwe Oguamanm, Abuja: How can I be affected by the global Economic crunch? I’m having a positive Easter celebration. I’m going for a youth camp organized by my Church in Jos and we are going to have fun. The financial recession is not affecting my level of celebration by God’s grace. In fact, this recession has made me richer than I was before.

Williams Iwuoha, Enugu: I will be traveling to Owerri to spend the Easter holiday with my Aunty instead of coming to Lagos where I’m bound to spend more. The cost of things are high and even dollar exchange rate is so ridiculous. We are forced to celebrate this Easter in low-key.

Dada Oyindamola, Lagos: From what I have been hearing from the news, the economic meltdown started from America and being the strongest country in the world, whatever affects them affects the world. However, I’m not going to allow the financial crisis affect my Easter which is going to be celebrated in a bigger way than last year.

Ayodele Samuel, Lagos: Celebrating Easter is a little bit tedious this year because the global financial recession has recessed my pocket. There is no money to buy new clothes. I’m cutting down on my spending by 50%. Last Easter, I traveled out of the country to Benin Republic but this year I can only afford to travel to Ogbomoso for the holiday- so you can see the difference.

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