Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WORDS FROM DIS GENERATION READERS (The Column on The Nation Newspaper)

I’ll like to share with you some of the comment/text sent in by readers. I’m usually excited to receive such messages which serve as a feedback mechanism or a medium of appraisal for the column. Be it to criticize, share ideas or experiences, feel free to always keep in touch. Dis generation remains an active platform and voice for youths and the young at heart!


Re: The Heart beat of Nigeria

I commend you in regards to your publication “Dis generation” dated February 22nd 2009 . There are many youths being deceived and tricked that they will be traveling by flight but end up trekking.


Hi Jennifer, I just read your piece on the Nation. Nice hairstyle. It reminds me of Monica. Nice piece though. Kudos! Nentawe


Re: The Heart beat of Nigeria

Jenny, thanks for your wonderful write-up. The Value of parenthood has actually depreciated in our society, with Edo ’s case as a reference.


You are doing a great work but I should think you need to change your hair outlook. This one is a little bit… don’t forget you are a mentor. Thank you.

Dr. Dosunmu


Re: Schizophrenia

Jennifer, Youths should be encouraged to avoid drug abuse and to obey God’s law. Thanks. Mr. S.O Igwe.


Hello emerging leader, you are doing a great job. Keep it up! I know that our generation will make Nigeria what it should be. More grace to your elbow.

Arisa Chinedu, Youngstar foundation Displayer, Abia State .


Hello Jennifer, your hair style is unique considering the trends and changes we now have in modern style and fashion…

Mr. Ige Aruya


Hi, I want to tell you I really enjoy your articles. What you talk about is really “Sine qua non”. Kudos!

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