Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One thing to remember this Christmas

There is something important we ought to keep in mind this Yuletide Season, if we focus on two, it might complicate our discourse. When we think about Christmas, we think about spending on decorations, new wear, food, events, etc. The Season comes with an excitement that drives us to spend so much, even more than we earn. Everyone (well almost), including the penny-pinching among men, throw caution to the wind and empty their wallet through generous expenses during this period.

The good thing about Christmas expenses is that a good amount of the money is spent on buying gifts (I’ll like to think). Gift-giving is synonymous to Christmas as heat is to Harmattan. All the Stores with business acumen launch alluring items to match the season. “Buy me” “Buy me” the item scream at us, as we make our way through the busy shopping mall. And so, we dig deep into our wallet and scramble towards the best bargain or better still the ones in vogue.

However, this is not about the excessive spending but the motive behind it. Do we really spend more on others (gifts) than we spend on ourselves every Christmas? It is imperative to keep in mind that Christmas is more about giving. So before we exercise our purchasing power this Christmas, we must ensure that our giving-list is given a higher priority. Spend as much as you want, but carefully, to reach out with gifts to family, friends and strangers with an attitude of gratitude for the grace to give (not everyone can).

Gift-giving is not limited to just material things alone; we can present prayers, time, and/or company to those around us. These are priceless in every sense.

Therefore, it does not matter which way the world has turned for you this Season, there must be at least one reason to still be thankful! Find it and extend the chain of love and glee to others.

Let it be a merry Season

Let this season be a merry one,
put away every trouble,
whatever form they may be on.

Let this season be a merry one,
no matter where you are coming from.
Don't frown at how fast the year has flown,
Don't count your loses but celebrate your blessings.

Let this season be a merry one,
as family and friends from far and near
come together with a smile,
to wish you a merry Christmas.

Let this season be a merry one,
as you celebrate
the very reason for the season,
may your heart be filled with joy.

As you thank God for all the Blessings,
have a very merry season
and share you gift with friends.

(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen.

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