Monday, January 04, 2010

When Praises Go Up!

What would happen by now if Nigeria was not a religious country? What if this generation clung to trees and stones or any other form of idol worshiping like our forefathers indulged back in the days? There is no argument about it, whichever way, Nigerians are religious- thus the antidote that explains our resilience.

However, isn’t this one of the best things that has happened to Nigeria before this democracy-cum-government-burden came to be? Whenever there is any form of emergency in the country, there is always an urgent call for Nigerians both home and abroad to pray. A 23 years old Nigerian dude almost bombed an air-plane in Detroit last year and we were called to pray—(for all youths not to become Talibanized?). Our President has been missing in action and we are called to pray—(for his well being?).
What will happen if for a moment we all stop praying for a change? For a minute, imagine how powerful the forces of light and our faith, be it as small as a mustard seed, will be if we all stopped praying or cursing and start directing that energy towards praising God All-powerful.

Praise God for the “Panadol extra” our corrupt government leaders is making us ingest for the headache they have inflicted on every young Nigerian through their poor governance, for our troubled waters, and for the lost glory of our great Nation. Praise Him with harps and Instruments. With clapping and singing, in tears and in laughter. Praise Him on blogosphere, Facebook and other online communities where we vent our frustrations these days. Can you hear the walls of Jericho falling down already? The shackle that holds this Giant of Africa captive is falling apart.

If you look around and the faces staring back at you tell you otherwise, shut out the glare and lift up your praises to God. I do not mean the usual hypocritical scream that urges you to bring in your fat material offering to the supposedly gathering of saints. Humble and heartfelt shouts of Praise from young people God will receive, because it is not for the glory of any man.

We must get our praises up this New Year. When Praises go up, Blessings come down and deliverance for Nigeria cannot be held back. Yes, we are a Religious Nation. But beyond the religion, let the fear of God grip the heart of every government leader and fellow Nigerians. May our New Year resolution include Praising God for everything just as they are because His thoughts towards us are thoughts of good and not of evil, to bring us a future and a hope. Praise brings liberation and restoration. There is hope for Nigeria- do not give up yet. Happy New Year!

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