Sunday, December 12, 2010

Before you launch your new career!

A couple of months ago, I was interviewed for a job. All through the interview, I could tell I did quite well until it got to the big question- “How much will you like to be paid?” Silence. My salary negotiation skill was an epic fail because I had too much volunteerism running in my blood and I had no clear idea of what the job description entailed.

Why do young people often fail at negotiating salary during a job interview? Some of the factors and characteristics that can legitimately affect wages include level of education, Job description and title, type of employer/size of organization, work experience, location and occupation. However, to earn the type of salary you deserve, you need an apt salary negotiation skill.

According to Dawn Rosenberg McKay on “Career Planning,” if you want to get paid what you are worth, it is important to learn how to negotiate well. Some of the Dos and Don’ts she said are needed to succeed at salary negotiation are:

Don't Look at How Much Money Your Friends in Other Fields Are Making: You may be envious of your friends who are earning more money than you are. If they aren't working in the same field you shouldn't make those comparisons.

Do Research Salaries in Your Field: Talk to others working in your field, to find out what they are paid for doing the same work. Remember that salaries differ by geographic location.

Do Consider How Much Experience You Have: Those with more experience can hope to earn more money. Remember to talk about the amount of experience you have if it will help you negotiate a higher salary. If you don't have a lot of experience, be realistic about the salary for which you can ask.

Don't Talk About How Much Money You Need: When you are going through salary negotiations, don't tell your boss (or potential boss) that you need to make more money because your bills are high.

Do Talk About The Salary You Deserve: When presenting your case during a salary negotiation, talk about how you will earn the salary you are requesting. Highlight what you have done, or will do, for the company. Also discuss the salaries in your field (based on your research).

Do Be Flexible: When going through a salary negotiation you aren't likely to get the exact amount of money you want. You will probably have to compromise. The trick is to figure out how much you are willing to compromise and what you will do if your boss doesn't offer you a salary you find acceptable.

Good luck with earning what you deserve when you launch into your career!

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