Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In retrospect- Dis Generation in 2010

Here is an overview of most of the topics that appeared on Dis generation column this year! The topic that received most responses via text messages was “What is education.” But the most viewed online are: “Before You Launch Your new Career” and “I was a baby when the big bridge fell.” To read these articles, get your old copies of The Nation on Sunday or read them online: www.youthmakingchange.blogspot.com
Merry Christmas! May the New Year usher in pleasant surprises to you and yours! May God Bless Nigeria.
Feedback from some readers:
“Thanks for your little column in The Nation on Sunday. Thanks even more for your warm smile. You’ve really blessed my heart. Cheers.” David
“I have been a regular reader of your column “DIS GENERATION”, which has been a source of inspiration to me & many of my friends. God will bless you for your contributions towards the development of the youths & Nigeria at large. I just read about this volunteering for the MDGs. How do I get involved please!” Ifeanyi Onwuzurike, UNIBEN
Counting back, from December to January
·      Dis Generation in 2010
·      Ratatouille
·      What is Education?
·      Three cups of Tea
·      Vitamin ‘D
·      When Praises Go Up!

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